Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Facebook privacy settings

Recently, I found a link here to a very important tutorial on how to configure, possibly, some very essential privacy settings on FB.

Little known and so little did I know. It is a very easy to understand blog article with direct links.
"Ten Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know."

The blog All Facebook is an unofficial FB resource.

Remember when using any social media networks that it is the user's responsibility to set the levels of privacy -user beware.

Recently I wondered how FB tried to pick new friends for me ~ I realise one way was directly from anyone who has ever emailed me.
Some of them I may not want me as their friends ;) so i don't even try ...others well what can I say ...
Strangely enough also if you have a few friends in common that have someone else in common ...like my three cousin's father's (my ex uncle) new wife was a friend suggestion. WT ?

Anyway the last few days I finally worked out twitter (d'oh) and I am enjoying the distraction ...though you can't chose your 'friends' ...you can block them but of course I am not talking about any of you ;).

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