Friday, 12 June 2009

Things I can tell you 2

  1. Good gosh it's Friday ? how did that happen ?I really wasn't planning on posting today ...because
  2. I have a lot of balls in the air - and I can't cope juggle
  3. It's been a tough week. We had a lovely weekend away at the farm, eating, eating , washing up ...eating rinse, lather and repeat 6 times a day. Lemonade scones, warm chocolate brownies. You really work up an appetite snapping a few pictures.
  4. Since ... It's been a tough week .Seriously, the men folk have been a bit off colour and there has been a lot of stress in the mix. I can't say too much *sigh*, I am feeling very emotionally exhausted.
  5. The toddlers are not sleeping well they just won't go to sleep till really late no matter if they had a nap or not, plus waking (mostly DH who has insomia) overnight and early morning creeping into our bed ...'move over Mum'. I know they are only little for such a short time and I don't mind so much as the affect it has on my DH.
  6. It has been so cold and that is adding to the bleakness.
  7. I was very saddened last night to read of more allegedly fake 'dead' and 'dying baby' blogs. I cannot believe people would consider this kind of scam. I wrote about this recently (actually only one month ago).It is heratwrenching.
  8. I am really looking forward to my BAHA assessment.I am so over not 'hearing' properly.
Things I can't tell you
  1. Why I even set google alerts for Neurofibromatosis ? It just depresses me more. Why? because as soon as I click the links I wish I hadn't. I rather live in 'De Nile'
  2. Why our teenage son is giving us so much strife ...he turns 16 in less than a week !
  3. Who wrote this quote
    Praise them often. Let them know you love them just they way they are. If you say this often enough they might remember it throughout adolescence ...
  4. How on earth can my little boys be turning three in less than 3 weeks ?
  5. Why I can't get motivated to plan their party ?
  6. My bizarre thoughts ...
  7. Why facebook and twitter are so addictive ?
  8. Does anyone else struggle with the same frustrations of how to balance life , allocate time for themselves and get through the day without yelling at their kids.
  9. How many times a day these little treasures give me reasons to smile. They are my whole world. I can't begin to tell you how much I love them.
I want to tell them often "little buddies enjoy this life you've been given, you are (ok we are) truly blessed".
I think they know we know it too.

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