Sunday, 19 April 2009

Weekly Winners 16 2009

Meow ...

April 12th - 18th edition 16
Please go visit other weekly winners at Lotus's ...
Easter Sunday after breakfast the Grandpa's raced their radio controlled boats on the dam ...
S & J watched ...
Dad's turn
'My turn' with a little help from 'Jampa'

They climbed this tree with a little help from mum - it doesn't look big but the middle was huge

A handfull heartfull

RRRR - off on two bikes
back on one ...
Easter Monday we went on an African safari to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo ... I was disappointed I didn't have my zoom lens & Canon 1000D's still being repaired *sob*. We still had a great time.
The real Rhino

WT ? A 2m tall baby that has to hurt.

Electric cars ... complete with a solar power station at the zoo. There were not ours.
I walked with the stroller most of the time...good exercise.

The boys loved the monkeys

Most exhibits were surrounded by a moat or water

'Rar' run's Sammy the Tiger

Sumutran Tiger

White with black stripes or black with white ?
Banksia ?
Koala ... not a bear
We were quite fortunate to see a few animals on feeding time ... pure luck not good planning.
I only got zapped once by an electric fence ...lucky it was me not the boys. Poor signage and my stupidity trying to take a photo through the chain wire fence.

Have a great week

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