Sunday, 5 April 2009

Weekly Winners 14 2009

March 29th- April 4th 14

Best BuddiesTree with a view
1,2,3 ..throw
Splash down
A little dirt nevers hurts
Sunday breakfast
(yes icecream in the bush someone had a great camping fridge)
(someone else brought the homemade pancake batter)

Twinkling Eyes

Bleached Bones
Loo with a view
Toilet was too far away ... bushed it !

The watcher as we packed up camp

Big " boys' " toys.

WW is hosted by Lotus.
I haven't got a lot of variety for you today because my lovely new camera is broken and gone for repair. *sob*
I took these last Weekend mostly on the Bridle Trail an easy 4WD trail that starts in Bathurst and ends at Hill End (in 1870, Hill End was famous for being the richest gold mine on the planet and world's largest Gold specimen! )
We camped in the middle of the bush overnight .The Bridle trail follows the river and was once used by miners to cross the Great Dividing range to reach the GOLD mines...
many perished on the trail.
The view down the side of my window was ...a bit scary !!!
We didn't camp in the campground near the worm loo / beside the river because someone had left a heap of rubbish behind (6 kids aged 2,2,2,3,4,5) and it was too rocky.

In Hill End , Old Royal Hotel, the general store and many original homes are still standing.

Turon River valley.

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