Saturday, 4 April 2009

Nothing of any real interest

Lately I feel like I have nothing I can blog about ... nothing worth reading ...and as such I have nothing of any real interest to talk about today. Maybe you'd like to put the kettle on.

Though it is Smiley Saturday ... and I have one thing to smile about.Lots to grumble about but I won't bore you too much with them.

Q. Do you save your small appliance dockets(receipts) and file them away religiously and methodically ... I don't or rather didn't think much about it. I am just not that organised but I got lucky.

Last week when I was composing my Weekly winners post the power went out (and grr I lost my post). The safety switch tripped but the lights were still on. We didn't know why at the time. It happened again the next day .Later, I remembered I'd stopped to make a cuppa prior to losing power.

The kettle !

I knew it wasn't that long since we had replaced it.I didn't even think about warranty.

I had to go the day with barely a mug of tea ...made with microwaved water ....ewww ... till my DH brought a kettle home from work. I planned to buy a new cordless kettle as it is safer with the twins and easier to refill.

Three days ago on 2nd April I was de-cluttering our spare room/office. I was also looking for some other tax receipts and throwing out junk. Miraculously, I came across the receipt.

If I had been looking I would never have found it. It was bundled with 30 or so other grocery receipts that were stuffed inside a plastic bag, stuffed inside an envelop, stuffed inside a box with a hundred other bits of flotsam.

The date of purchase was 5/4/08 ...and I remembered the kettle had a 12 month replacement warranty...I rang and as long as I returned it to the store before 5th ... it was valid.

We now have our new kettle ! A small victory and saved us $39.95. I would much rather a shiny red metro one but so be it time.

Still my tale of woes is longer ,
  • I am very disappointed my new camera is broken ! (and yes I did have that receipt in an easy to find spot [relatively speaking]). I had to return it for repair /warranty but it might be 5-6 weeks before they fix it and return it *sob* .I hope it is covered under warranty.
  • Our dishwasher is on the blink ...probably cockroach excrement or the mouse (mice).The electronic control panel cost us over $350 last time we had it repaired.
  • Our washing machine has been malfunctioning and leaking water at the end of cycle unless we turn the tap off (going on for 6 weeks). We have had a good run with it though over 14 yrs - it is a Miele and they have their own service/repair teams. We did organise someone else before we knew this but at last minuter they realised it was a Miele and said NO !
  • Friends borrowed a spare car we had on Monday after their car had mechanical problems . Thirty mins later they rang to say that another car had reversed into them at the petrol(gas) station was still drivable and the hubby was okay thankfully. They felt so bad.
Here ends my nothing much to say ...I hope it was worth reading and you file away your receipts. Saving money by using warranty guarantees saves the budget !

P.s ... I hope I still have some readers Feedburner now shows me with 130 less readers *sigh* is it just a glitch ? are you affected too ?
P.p.s. Lucky I was able to copy my photos from last weekend to a CD ...come back tomorrow for my Weekly winners.

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Veronica said...

I'm hoping it is a glitch, cos my suscribers are all mucked up too. Sigh. I liked my larger number better!

Mistress B said...

feedburner is glitching all over the place.
We've only had two appliance glitches lately though - the timer on our dryer has gone whacko and our new hair clippers aren't working properly.

I hope you get your camera back quickly

Lightening said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with paperwork everywhere and can't find what I need when I need it. I very rarely bother with warranty stuff for that reason. *sigh* Probably wasted a few $$ that way!

Yeah, Feedburner is messing around with my numbers too. :(

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