Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tell me Thursday ...

Yesterday, I got a comment from the lovely bloggers at Tell me Thursday ...if you know all about Wordless Wednesday and my failure to be such ! - you'll like it too.

Tell me Thursday gave me a link .They asked me to tell you about my Wordless Wednesday.Though a picture paints a thousand words , a few more won't hurt. The story behind is cute too.
That's my boy

Yesterday I did a brief 'I can explain' in my comments instead of the Wordless Wednesday post for a change - here is more of the details.

I had a nicely wrapped present (actually two) in a gift bag at the front door. We were packing to go away for a few days midweek mid January. I was waiting for my DH to return with the car.

It was 3 weeks after Christmas but it was actually a belated birthday present for Ivy & Noah. We were hoping to catch up with them when we went away.

Sam happened upon the pressies but opened only one ...despite never having dressed himself in a skirt before - he did a great job. I was busy ( truth be told ...on the computer) and he came out to the family room proudly to show me.He loves new clothes LOL.

I had my back to him ... he was saying ..."Look Mummy, mummy look..."

I was saying "yeah , yeah what do you want"

I had no idea ... I turned around as he ran off. He had no idea boys don't wear skirts ...well unless you are a Scot' or Tribal men.

I ran to find my new camera , quickly, before I removed the clothes to re wrap the present in case he got it dirty. I ran down the hallway and snapped him.

Funnier still ...but it wouldn't have been so appropriate to post.The reason the photo is so narrow - my other twin son I cropped out of the picture in the background because he was wearing only his T shirt holding/stretching his 'dangling thing'.

Boys will be boys ...I love the many reasons they give me to blog laugh.

Days Of Grace *
  1. The Wiggles for their ability to keep toddlers quiet and sitting on the lounge entertained and to teach them to sing.
  2. Warm autumn days
  3. Special Friends (you know who you are ...all of you really) who share yummy lunches,desserts & recipes
  4. Soft Aloe vera tissues for sore 'green' noses
  5. Late afternoons in the park ...enjoying last of daylight savings.
*not sure what # I am up to ... goodness gracious I'll have to check

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Ps to turn off my music,the playlist is still at the bottom till I work out a better place for it.
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