Friday, 13 March 2009


No fear ?
My greatest fear is that someone might ask me to pronounce it.It is the fear of the number 13 or Friday 13th more precisely. (I won't bore with the Greek of it -you can google it or Triskaidekaphobia).

Fear always springs from ignorance

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is feared by many cultures and many building worldwide don't have a floor numbered the #13th floor , but of course they still have a 13th floor.

Thank God it is Friday ! ...though really !!

Today has not been a good day but at the same time nothing bad happened. It was just so damn busy,stressful and I never got to eat lunch ...3 plain sweet biscuits till 5.15pm. I was that busy. Even a p stop was unattainable, I barely managed one busting till 5.13pm .

I thought a lot about all the things I did today and it being the 13th. I am seriously not that superstitious but it crosses my mind .I start to marinate in my worries and fear. I have also had a dull headache and felt a bit off ...starvation can do that I know ;0

The fear doesn't cripple me and make me want to hide under the covers all day. Though that wouldn't have been a bad idea. I didn't sleep well.

So I am not really superstitious but you know I think about it.

Is 13 really associated with bad luck ? I am just saying only 55mins to go of today I should be safe ?

When I was almost 18 my parents bought a house number 13 ...I had fears about.Three years later I moved out to a #26 ;) (truth and I didn't chose it myself- it was a share house with a friend).

They lived at #13 for 24 years almost (Dad a few years less) with nothing too sinister ever happening. But I remember someone saying #13 's are hard to shift. My SIL's sister was the purchaser.

My Dh's sister and mother (my inlaw's) have birthdays on 13th. They obviously had no choice in it. Two nephews just missed out 12th & they were glad or maybe boys think it kind of cool.

I wonder how many c/sections are planned for 13th original c/s was 14th July would have been tough had they suggested 13th a possibility.

In our business we didn't have a straight #13...superstitious reasons yes ! One day we foudn out it was #4 that was worse for some cultures ...13 or any number that reduces to 4 ~ 1 +3 =4.

Do parents fear the 13th year ? (another mystery) or celebrate the bloom of adolescence with joyful anticipation.

When I do a Thursday 13 I usually have 14 items ... I know I don't get it.

I remember enjoying the first few Friday 13th movies ...I only just found out they made 12 ! 13th has to be a hit for sure !!!

Have you got any good Friday 13th stories ?

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Natalie said...

I met ex-husband on Friday 13th, nuff said!

jeanie said...

According to sailing lore, serpent names, Friday and 13 are both very unlucky.

To get over this, the British Navy launched a ship named after a serpent on Friday the 13th, and to push their anti-superstition stance, the captain's name was Friday.

It sank in the Thames.

Jayne said...

I met my ex on the 15th...but I'd been travelling so I can deduct those 2 extra days and blame the 13th ;)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Natalie - LOL or not maybe !

@Jeanie - wow , haven't heard that one ! Bizarre though.

@Jayne - a good enough reason too.

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