Saturday, 15 November 2008

Smiley Saturday

So , I am smiling again today except that I am starving after reading Sarah and Veronica's food blogs ....and I have drool on my keyboard and I can't get the wireless modem router to work !
  • Some decisions were made about our future that I feel will only benefit our family in the long term and especially my husband's health
  • We had a nice 4 day break away last weekend , only an hour from home near the beach and a lake. Very enjoyable. S & J loved the playgrounds and I loved the view.
  • My cousin is coming over tonight to try and get the wireless modem router working (well the laptops) so my teenager can use his laptop without unplugging my devices or my hard drive (causing me to lose work grrr) and not sitting inches from me playing grungy, bash & bang music on you tube or his My Space.I hope it will calm things down.
  • I am going shopping to buy stuff to make an indulgent chocolate milkshake and chicken schnitzel (with roast potatoes or something else more or less healthy) and chocolate mousse or icecream ... can't decide. What are you having for dinner?
Le has some the funniest attitude and cutest T shirts on her Third on the right wear blog or as well as neat tote and messenger bags.

Advice of the day
  1. You move towards the picture you create of yourself .So think positive.
  2. Why not? Why not now? Why not me ? ...especially on entering competitions LOL.
  3. Learn to listen, opportunity knocks quietly sometimes (see #2)

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Veronica said...

Sounds like my food blog inspired you a little!

Crazed Mom said...

Yeah. Sometimes choices needs to be made and it seems you've made good ones. Stress can kill and less stress does help in a marriage because kids are enough stress there.

Love you my Aussie girl. HUGS!

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

hello there - thanks ever so much for the shout out above - I will add your extra entries - so appreciate the feedback and comments for all the girls :) off for a read now - cheers le

Dina said...

Chocolate milkshake sounds very yummy.

I like your advice--especially about opportunity knocking.

Laura said...

Supper for the kids was hot dogs and chips...and some leftover chicken for the child who refuses hot dogs. Hubby's going to pick up something for the two of us.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

That photo of the beach reminds me so much of the beach in a Wiggles video we own. Same exact color sand, which is very unusual in the U.S. There must be lots of iron in Australia, I suspect!!

Your kittens are adorable. I love tabby cats. Love them. We once had two tabbies and this past week, I saw a family giving tabby kittens away outside the grocery store. Thankfully my girls weren't with me or else I probably would be the proud new owner of six baby cats. Enjoy them!

We had chicken fajitas for dinner. My husband's special recipe. He's such a pro in the kitchen - I just stand by and admire his handiwork and thank heavens for him because if I was on my own, I'd eat a tortilla and sour cream.

Ange said...

Hey Trish, now you've made me hungry too and it's bedtime!

I went over and checked out Le's competition and Tee's. I could get lost over there... so many nice things! You're boys are looking good too :)

Have a blessed day!

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