Friday, 1 August 2008


It's Flickr Friday ... two is this week's theme .Looking after two mostly by myself the last 3 weeks has been fun, though somewhat challenging but we have a lot of laughs and meltdowns.

August 1st was actually the magical original due date for my twin boys - they would have been two today, if born @40weeks. So I had "2" join in.

Kate @Picklebums is the happy hostess of Flickr Friday and she is a twin mum too.

OMG - I could identify with her having to buy two of everything too and especially certain toys or it gets too much breaking up fights and the whinging.

The sweetest thing about 2 @ two year old toddlers is the cuddles and the way they love each and look out for each other. They are the best buddies when not at war over toys or shoes.

Right now they are my everything and they keep me running going.

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