Saturday, 23 August 2008

Smiley Saturday

It has been a while since I joined in SS .Things that made me smile this week ...

  • It is International Comment Leaving Week for August and I welcome new and returning visitors to my blog. Here is a welcome post I wrote for National Comment leaving month.
  • my new car - a Toyota Corolla that goes like a rocket !
  • S & J going to bed without much fuss. We recently made the move to the big bed - they have a racing car bed each but currently sleep together in one. This bed is still in our room but we will soon move them back to their own room. They can then choose to sleep separately or together.
  • We have rain for the garden yesterday and last night. Hopefully it will soak into the ground and refresh the browned off grass.
  • My GP has organised counselling for me.
  • The Ear ENT specialist said he will fix my ears ... well the chronic infection and discharge . Then I can order a new hearing aid which has been on the agenda for more than a year. It wasn't a pleasant visit (having one ear scraped out (of wax) and my other ear sucked out so much so I felt faint, but I am happy that I am finally doing something to improve my hearing.
  • Things are much calmer on the home front .
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