Saturday, 5 July 2008

Smiley Saturday

I never run out of things to make to make me smile though the last few days have been rough.The whole week busy and stress filled .Both the little Brothers, the Tool man and even the Teen man have been unwell. I feel exhausted,emotional, overwhelmed and spent (without the retail therapy joy) over lots of things.

Yet, whenever I am feeling cranky and prickly with the world and how unfair things are I remember how blessed I am. Except don't ask the Tool man because he often cops it before I remember (LOL he does NOT).

Last night, S was awake crying and thrashing about most of the night - inconsolable, feverish 39 c, coughing his lungs up, snotty nosed, with a little chucking and lots of screaming. We gave Nurofen and Dimetapp, lots of cuddles . In the end I had to suggest the Tool man go to the spare room to give us space and so he could get some sleep because he still to go to work today.

I must have dropped off to sleep finally .Then I woke in a panic because I couldn't find S (clinging to me)- then feeling around in the dark I noticed he'd dropped out the bed and was sleeping curled up in a ball on the carpet. Amazingly he didn't cry when he either fell or got out of bed. Who knows? he can Jump climb on/off, in/out so he would have got back in if he did (does that make sense)

I had to pick him, because I couldn't leave him there, for another few rounds of thrashing , tossing and screaming till day break.

We got up after 7.30 or so. He had shower with Daddy and clung to him, screamed when taken out shower, screamed and kicked as I tried to put nappy on /dress him as if in pain.Then I took back to my bedroom and he nursed with difficulty, coughing and spluttering and went back to sleep at 8am till 11.30.

I was so worried about him I stayed in the room - gave me the nudge opportunity to clean my windows/window tracks , ensuite window and blinds too.

I had to hang washing on the line in between and J wandered around outside calling for S - made me smile .He was so sweet .When I was in the room cleaning J kept going to poke check on S( he wanted to wake him of course) in between trashing everything else and emptying cupboards.

S finally woke and was a bit happier and brighter. I was so relieved .I worry so much about my babies when they are sick. He played a little but was still very quiet. Then J went to sleep. I nursed S again and he went back to sleep for another 2 hrs. After he had a little play outside then played drums with Teen man he had another sleep before dinner. Tonight he still has high temperature, cough, runny nose, red rimmed and watery eyes but not screaming -yet.

On to other smiles ... Of course this was their birthday week so we had lots of smiles and fun. They aren't really clued up on birthdays but they enjoyed the party and all the visitors. They like their new toys and books too.

I haven't had much time to blog or visit many blogs this week but a few things that made me smile ...
Dogs and Cats @ Gills Jottings
The multiple, multiple cute kids photos taken of Quints (yes that's five toddlers) , quads and triplets at the Farmhouse kids wheat field by Tanya
An award by Jane @Kidzarama

and Arte y Pico Award by the fearless and fabulous Lilly @ Lilly's Life
I am humbled once again . Though I need to write more about these awards so give me time.

Even if I have some issues to deal with mostly my life is still pretty good. As long as I can limit myself focusing on the things that make me cranky or bitter or sad and the prickly but annoying small stuff that doesn't really matter much in the bigger picture I can keep smiling amidst all the chaos. I am blessed and thankful beyond measure.

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