Friday, 4 July 2008

Flickr Friday -Umbrellas

~ A very fitting choice by Kate @Lazycow designs ...

1. Summer Fun, 2. When it rains out come the umbrellas even on the boats, 3. Brolly on the ground, 4. Umbrella Blues, 5. day 228: sunshine and showers, 6. Bali Paradise, 7. P4080415.jpg, 8. il mio augurio, 9. Cycling through the rain

It was very cold today (ok I am whinging a little - we don't get cold enough for snow - boo). I didn't even have to persuade the Brothers to leave their woolly hats on.

As soon as I finished putting 3 loads of washing on the line ... it started to rain.

The line we installed under our new awning is broken was old 2nd hand and the knob is broken.I called the Tool Man home to fix it.He did eventually.

Then the sun came out and he said the sun is shining. So I left them on the other line. So wrong ! Then the rain came down.

I love umbrellas - I wish I had a big one for my clothes line. Those with rotary (like umbrella shape) can get them.

So what do you call it an umbrella or brolly ?

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Jenty said...

I call it an umbrella or a brolly, depending on my mood. LOL!
Love the pics you chose!

elena jane said...

i call it an umbrella...and all your comments are on strike out, very cool :)

Jayne said...

I call it a brolly when I'm not calling it every other name under the sun when it's MIA ;)

baby~amore' said...

@Jenty: thank you it is fun choosing and hard to strike out so many great pics

@Elena Jane:Oops I just realised - amazing how the strikeout code eats into everything.

@Jayne: lol me too and my husband for not leaving me with one.

womb for improvement said...

Brolly, defo. Although I prefer a hat - more mobile and less likely to take someone's eye out.

Just Me. said...

I call it a brolly. And I like mine to be big and colourful! :)

fyi - it's me, Pam from Your Kiss is On My List. I had to remove the other blog. Too many pesky, insensitive IRL friends reading it.

seriously? said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier. I appreciate the support! I call it an umbrella. I don't have a nice one though. It is raining here today, I had to take the puppy out and she won't go in the back yard if it's raining unless you go with her. Fun.

katef said...

Oh I love all the summer umbrella photos.. just what I needed to get out of the winter blues. And I must confess I don't actually own an umbrella.. is that odd?

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