Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy birthday ...

Dear Babies ...
yes you will always be my babies. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the joy you would bring our family.

When you were born I could scarcely believe something so wonderful had come from me nor that you were both mine (ours). If I hadn't been there I would have said it was a mistake.

I had been through some dark days, the intense pain of losing your sister,Charlotte - then you were born.Into our life you brought a light that was spectacular and beautiful, and it only gets brighter as each new day dawns.

Every day I am in awe of you , watching at the little things you do, the way you 'share' (even lollies and chocolates or carrot sticks) and play with each other. I also see you fight and squealing but moments later trailing gleeful laughter and mischief.

I catch my breath when I watch the love you have for each other, your big brother,Daddy and me...even the kitteh.

I love the way you giggle and kiss me while nursing. It feels good that together we had made it to two years. To the beat of my heart you have spent many hours snuggling close.

Grandpa said tonight ... 'I'll have to go to school with you' and 'try not to break any records' - I have nothing to prove ...till now LOL.

There is nothing I can do to keep you little and I wouldn't want to ...well I hope you don't grow up too quickly. I am so excited at all the new things you are learning to do and I listen in wonder at what you try to say.

I look forward to many more trips around the sun and more fun that you can poke a drum stick at. My Little Drummer Boys I love you so much ...you have filled my heart and life completely.

Happy birthday Sammy

Happy Birthday Joel
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