Monday, 30 June 2008

Hooray - have you heard the news ...

Blogger blogs now have inline comments Wordpress style. The comment form is below the post. This is one feature I have been very keen to get for a long time ... thank you to the blogger team.

The catch is you need to enable it through Blogger in Draft .

Then to activate the comment form go to
  1. Settings>Comments Tab your Blogger dashboard
  2. Scroll down to "Comment form placement" (3rd option) where you can check the circle [box] setting for "Embedded below post".
  3. Go check it out on your blog ... and pass it on ! Tell everyone.
I hope all my blogger blog friends read this because it makes commenting so much easier for everyone. I have a terrible memory sometimes and it means I have to leave the window to check ... a photo etc.

There is also the option of making Blogger in Draft your default dashboard. It means you get to try new features earlier. I love the scheduled posts feature.

I am just waiting on a comment luv feature ... so hopefully The Blogger team are working on this.

NOTE: If you have hacked and customised your blogger template you will need to make some additional changes.

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