Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Birthday Wish

It came true !
Happy 15th Birthday D

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Alison said...

Oh WOW! Hoe exciting is that!!!!
Those symbols are mighty impressive, too!
I love drums, there is something really kewl about a good beat.
Did they come with decent ear plugs for mum and dad?

Crazed Mom said...

What's up with Philipine Lotto person? Your blog is just fine. Think someone is a spammer.

Are you off your rocker woman? DRUMS? Hope you bought ear plugs as well. LMAO. The electric guitar BBB has was horribly awful until he got bored. ;P

Maisie said...

That's neat that his wish came true. My Birthday wishes don't usually come true for me. Hope you're enjoying the sound of the drums.

katef - said...

oooh drums!!! I bet you are the best mum in the world now! LOL

Lilly's Life said...

Wow - love it when wishes come true. It might be noisy to begin with but in years to ocme the noise would have been worth it when he becomes a famous drummer and earns lots of money to keep his parents in wonderful style and comfort - your wish may come true too, see?

Shelia said...

How wonderful for him!

Happy WW!

Newlyweds Guide Francesca said...

Good luck with the drums and happy birthday!

Lady in Red said...

Happy 15th birthday!

What a cool birthday present, he must be very happy... :)

Ps: I've been lazy, I haven't been posting any WW for the last two weeks :p

susiej said...

Wow! That's awesome!

My name is Andy. said...

You're a brave Mum having drums so many drums in the house!!!

I'm glad his wish came true!

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy 15th Birthday...and what a dream come true! Super.

My W W is shared. I'd love to have your company today.

Chris said...

Very cool...congrats and happy b-day!

Frida said...

Sometimes they do :-) Happy Birthday!!

Shannon said...

OH someone is brave to have drums in the house!

Gallicissa said...

How nice is that! Happy Wordless Wednesday and greetings from Sri Lanka!

Princess Vien said...

That's cool!!

Mine is up.

Happy WW!!

Leonard said...

happy birthday!!

so did he get his drums in the end?

Randall said...

It pays to follow your dreams.

Rachel S said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you've got aspirin..... ;)

JMom said...

Happy Birthday to your son. What a cool present!

Happy WW!

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

thanks for giving me strength and resilience in my 1ww...

I'm unsure why but i am here at your blog, looking at your boys and it doesn't hurt...especially on my 1ww! i know why........... cuz I LIKE YOU!

FYI - AF is gonna come. I'm very sure..she's badgering at my door. I feel her coming. I can't fight her anymore.

you're the best! thanks...

*still smiling at your boys*

Kelley said...

*snort* regretting it yet?

Too desperately wants drums so I bought her a guitar. And then a keyboard. Nup. She still wants drums.

So do we get a little youtube action of the next rock star?

baby~amore' said...

@ Alison: he was so excited and the new drums sound so much better than then his old set - we have had them 6 years and they were very well bashed when we got them. I can turn off my hearing aid LOL

@ Crazed Mom : Philipine Lotto - GONE ! see above I turn off my hearing aid

@ Maisie; I think he has made it many a time - so finally it did.

@ katef - : yes I ahd the biggest hug all year

@ Lilly's Life; I can only hope so ... or maybe his apprentices will out do him. He isn't too bad used to it after 6 years.

@ Shelia; thnak you

@ Newlyweds Guide Francesca:thanks - he was happy

@ Lady in Red : he was happy beyond measure

@susiej; yes awesome he said too

@Andy; two sets - three drummers and yes I am crazy.

Hootin' Anni:thanks -your WW was very interesting.

@Chris: thank you he thinks so too - cool indeed ...hope he remembers

@V Frida : yes nice when they do ;)

@Shannon : brave and crazy - we are building a soundproof room in ashed soon ... or sooner

@ Gallicissa :thank you -not sure if I ahd anyone from Sri Lanka!

@Princess Vien : yes cool thank you for visiting me.

@Leonard : yes - it is 2nd set but first near new (was a demo)

@ Randall: I hope he does ... and makes a zillion

@ Rachel S : LOL ni but lots of paracetamol and I can turn off my hearing aid.

@JMom ; yes his coolest ever I think.

@ Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope: ((hugs)) to you as well as all my spare strength and resilience.I thought so too the last time and I was wrong ...thinking of you and fingers crossed.Here to listen any time ;)

@ Kelley; the new drums sound so much better than the old ones . Too would make a great drummer - give her a try !
The teen is really impressed at his Father's choice.. I am sure you tube is on his to do list ...this weekend. He is bugging me for a jam session with his mates tomorrow.

Childlife said...

YAY --- New Drums! Just in time to help you recover from the party ;D

Happy Birthday!

Jenty said...

Oh wow, what a cool gift!

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