Sunday, 8 June 2008

Weekly Winners

June 1st -June 7th
Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom is the brainchild and host of Weekly Winners. It gives me something to do too each week ( dream of photography course and a new camera ...)

One of the Kelly's
The Beatnix

Through the window
(Dad was in charge of the camera - and yes they were drinking it)
Running for the Bath
Behind the 8 ball
Highlight of my Day
Hiding Hanging with Dust Bunnies
Waiting for Lunch
What's taking so long
Picnik is fun to play around with photos and free.
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Rebecca said...

I like the pool ones. Nice! : )

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Just lovely.

Running for bath and the cake ones are magic.

Sarah said...

Sleepy boy had me smiling from ear to ear. How cute!!

Of course...the pair are always adorable anyway :D

maggie's mind said...

So very many great shots to love!! I love the kitty and Cake Time and Waiting for lunch, but these are all awesome.

Jenty said...

I love the beatnix one! In fact, all of them are lovely!

Connie said...

Super cute shots of your boys! Love the kitty one too! Your boys are just precious :)

Annie said...

They are all adorable - I like the beatnik one the best!

DC said...

These pictures are too stinkin' cute! I've also posted some pics this week for Show and Tell:

Alison said...

Gorgeous, as always :-)
Your little man looks so grown up "waiting for lunch"! Wow.

HRH said...

All great pictures, but my favorite were the last two...sooooo sweet.

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

My, they've grown! :)

Again, I'm smiling! and yes, I concur, the last two pictures are so cute! your boys are too cute!:)

secret agent mama said...

My fave twinsies!! There they are!!

Great shots, Trish. xxoo

Samantha said...

Great pics!

here from NCLM

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I love the one of your two boys drumming and the one of that cute little kitty! Too adorable!!

Lilly's Life said...

Wow , these photos are adorable. You have two little stars on your hands!! I jsut love the last photo - pleeez mum can you hurry up with my dinner! expression. Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog back in early June - I'm running to catch up on NCLM!

The photos of your little guys are amazing! They are so beautiful. I have read your intro post but still need to click around to get to know you better. It looks like one of your boys wears glasses - my DS does as well - he is 3.5 yo and has lazy eye, so we also need to patch ~ 4 h/ day. We didn't start w/ him until he was over 2yo though.

I expect to be back, hopefully not feeling quite so NCLM pressured :)


baby~amore' said...

@ Rebecca :thanks practicing other shots

@ Xbox4NappyRash : yes -I liked eating the cake and they liked the dog's water more. The bath too.

@ Sarah : why was he sleeping AT 10AM - he had a late night and woke UP (me) VERY EARLY lol I wish they had trolley's for mums.

@ maggie's mind:thanks

@ Jenty % Annie: Beatnix was my favourite

@ Connie:thank you s

@ DC :thanks I really enjoyed your Bora Bora pictures.

@ Alison : J is my foodie and yes he is so cute resting his hand on his chin and was also finger tapping but I missed that...

@ Holly @ Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope:thank you.

@ Mishelle -secret agent :thank you.

@ Samantha:

@ Karen of Sillymonkeez ;Beatnix was my favourite

@ Lilly's Life: he is my little food lover -perfect description ...

- pleeez mum can you hurry up with my dinner!

@ surpriseofunfolding :welcome Andie and thank you for visiting me.Yes we may need to patch we go back to specialist in a month -last month they said not yet. I will maybe have a chat to you about it

C said...

All I can say is...


I just love your Weekly Winners!! XO

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