Saturday, 21 June 2008

Smiley Saturday

Another precious week of smiles and a huge sadness.
  • my friend ,Z, had her little girl ,Imogen last week @35weeks and they are home already, breastfeeding and doing well.
  • Sadly another friend went for her first u/s with her 2nd bub and found the baby had died ~12 weeks. It broke my heart truly.
  • Heart melting moments when I took S shopping alone and left J at home because he was asleep. As I was leaving the shop S kept calling for J as if I had left him behind ...and J was at home having woken, crying and looking for both S and I. Daddy couldn't do anything with him.
  • Our new outdoor awning is half up (1/3) finished.
  • The Teen man loved his birthday present
  • So far the Sleepover Party , underway as I type, is going well and the boys have been well behaved. The night is still early @11pm ish...and they have just ordered pizza.
  • A charity I am involved (supporting women through pregnancy loss) in is running a Gala Fundraising night and I sent off a few emails asking for donations and I have had a heart warming response with donations offered. It has renewed my faith in people with kind hearts.
  • This post on Ode to hand me downs made me smile and was also relevant to my post yesterday.
  • Whenever I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life (like right now) I just have to look at all my blessings and especially my children and the Tool man - that makes me smile
  • I saw some really funny posts and now I am smiling because I am such a goose I can't remember them.
  • I don't want to toot my own horn but I am smiling because my feedburner has hit 100 subscribers and that makes me feel worthwhile.I have always struggled with being accepted due to my genetic disorder and other reasons ( unrelated hearing loss and a turn in my eye from an accident at school).
  • I am pleased I am nuturing my body by riding my exercise bike every day to increase my fitness.
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thanks to Lightening I have seen Smiley Saturday as a chance to reflect on the many good things in my life and I enjoy being able to share them with you. Better late than never -today was a busy day preparing for the party.

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