Saturday, 21 June 2008

Smiley Saturday

Another precious week of smiles and a huge sadness.
  • my friend ,Z, had her little girl ,Imogen last week @35weeks and they are home already, breastfeeding and doing well.
  • Sadly another friend went for her first u/s with her 2nd bub and found the baby had died ~12 weeks. It broke my heart truly.
  • Heart melting moments when I took S shopping alone and left J at home because he was asleep. As I was leaving the shop S kept calling for J as if I had left him behind ...and J was at home having woken, crying and looking for both S and I. Daddy couldn't do anything with him.
  • Our new outdoor awning is half up (1/3) finished.
  • The Teen man loved his birthday present
  • So far the Sleepover Party , underway as I type, is going well and the boys have been well behaved. The night is still early @11pm ish...and they have just ordered pizza.
  • A charity I am involved (supporting women through pregnancy loss) in is running a Gala Fundraising night and I sent off a few emails asking for donations and I have had a heart warming response with donations offered. It has renewed my faith in people with kind hearts.
  • This post on Ode to hand me downs made me smile and was also relevant to my post yesterday.
  • Whenever I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life (like right now) I just have to look at all my blessings and especially my children and the Tool man - that makes me smile
  • I saw some really funny posts and now I am smiling because I am such a goose I can't remember them.
  • I don't want to toot my own horn but I am smiling because my feedburner has hit 100 subscribers and that makes me feel worthwhile.I have always struggled with being accepted due to my genetic disorder and other reasons ( unrelated hearing loss and a turn in my eye from an accident at school).
  • I am pleased I am nuturing my body by riding my exercise bike every day to increase my fitness.
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thanks to Lightening I have seen Smiley Saturday as a chance to reflect on the many good things in my life and I enjoy being able to share them with you. Better late than never -today was a busy day preparing for the party.

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Jenn said...

Glad to hear the sleepover is going well! I hope they have a great time and don't cause too much trouble. :)

I feel so sad for your friend who lost her pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended the same way around 12 weeks and it was so hard.

Anonymous said...

Many wonderful things to smile over this week - love the shopping story.

So sad about your friend :(

Journeyer said...

I'm sorry your lost her baby. She is lucky to have supportive friends like you to help her through.

Glad the sleepover was going well. Hope it finished up well too and everyone is still happy this morning! You have had lots of reasons to smile this week :-)

Alison said...

Man, what an intense week!
I feel like I've run a marathon just reading some of your moments.
I'm so glad there are some smiles in there, too.
Hugs from me and the kewl girls :)

Lilly's Life said...

You have every reason to smile - you achieve so much and you have a great blog that always has something different and interesting which makes me feel positive too - well done with you 100 subscribers!!!! Oh and hope the sleepover ends up ok as well.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your friend. There is really nothing that can be said at times like this so I'm just sending my cyber-support and best wishes.

Congratulations on the 100 subscribers. A great achievement and something to be proud of.

Jayne said...

LOL The shopping story gave me a giggle, you'll be in trouble with S & J if you do it again ;)

Kelley said...

Please don't ever measure your worth by subscriber numbers or stats.

You are awesome.

Believe it. Or fake it till you make it babe.

baby~amore' said...

@Jenn - The Tool man was watching them closely and headed off a possible trouble maker(s) and incidents. The one kid who I have known since he was baby - kind of invited himself... and has always been a brat. He tried to enter the house under construction next door but DH stopped him.
I am so sorry your baby died (hugs)

@Marita: thank you.I saw her at Church and we had a little talk, then I dropped around later.We weren't alone but it was good to just chat.

@Journeyer - some only went o bed at 6am I was told , others earlier - some very tired young men today but no major incidents.All ended well.

@Alison: this week will be more intense with boys 2nd birthday. Thank you, all hugs gratefully accepted and returned.

@Lilly: the sleepover was a one HIT wonder ... 16 is way too old for sleepover parties.We started with 6 boys on his list, then it was 7. Then DH let him invite 3 local kids ~ old primary school friends (two of which I would have said NO way to coming).
This morning I asked the Tool man to count bodies for breakfast ...11 (including the birthday boy) - this didn't include the 4 boys and 1 girl who went home last night.
I had no idea how many were running around the back yard last night.

@Cerebral Mum:thank you. I feel so many women just don't get this support when their baby dies.
Thanks for visiting without my subscribers and commenters this wouldn't mean anything.

@Jayne: I know - it was funny and one day I might be glad I have them to remind me I haven't left one behind - does that make sense.
Though , yesterday, I forgot to say I took both shopping one in the trolley and one walking ... err running away ... the running child didn't care if I was out of sight or not.

@Kelley; thanks coming from a super cool chick like you.I have to believe.
I 'll keep faking it ;).I &hearts you too.You make me smile and laugh so hard honestly -raising my eyebrows at what you get away with while choking on my tea,PMSL or LQTM.

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry to hear your friend lost her baby. You sound like such a great friend and will be a good support for her.

The story about you going shopping with one of your little guys is precious!

from nclm.

storyteller said...

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten where I saw something to smile about when I wanted to share. I try to make notes to myself, but THEY get lost too. I’ve added your friend to my prayer list. Losing a baby in this way is so heart-breaking. I’ve got my blogs with Feedburner but have no idea how to check the stats. Maybe I’ll add that to my ‘to-do’ list as well.

I’m sorry to be a day late to the Smiley Saturday party, but my computer balked in the HEAT WAVE yesterday and I had to turn it off. I've posted my Smiley Saturday just now (on Sunday morning) and hope to visit others either later today or during the week. I hope you'll drop by Small Reflections as time permits.
Hugs and blessings,

louise said...

you're a success no matter what the subscriber stats say, they are just a nice bonus!
so nice to hear of your support group for people who lose a baby, it's one of those pains that becomes less obvious, but it never really goes away.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea for a regular post. Its refreshing and inspiring to focus on the good and the real. So sorry to hear about your friend. NCLM

baby~amore' said...

@ Stephanie:thank you I hope I can be there for her.

@Storyteller:This week I am making notes.You smiles made me laugh hard thank you.

@Louise : thank you for your kind words. True, it is never obvious and though the pain diminishes it is ever present.

@Emily:thank you for visiting and you are most welcome to join us for Smikley Saturday

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