Monday 2 June 2008

Monster Monday

I don't know about you but May just flew for me ...I spent most of first week buried deep in the business accounts finalising our 2007 tax, then the Tool man's (DH) other business stuff that was also due.

Winter has arrived -it was overcast though it wasn't too cold.We couldn't play outside much today as they were brick cleaning the house next door using acid. The over spray was drifting into our yard and other our shrubs. Hopefully the pouring rain (now) will wash it off .

I have set a few goals this month inspired by many new found blogs like Journeyer's Chronicles

Good intentions Goals For June


  • BLOG 365 continues . I haven’t missed a day yet though most days I don’t post till 11pm.

  • My new goal is to have my posts up by 3pm (failed x 2 so far) and trying to use Blogger scheduled posts (ahead of time) for days I am busy.
  • Find a new comment system (if it’s possible) and design a new header for my blog.
  • Continue commenting and connecting with new people during National Comment Leaving Month … leaving a minimum of 5 comments a day on new blogs and returning one visit (I return almost all ;) )


This is crunch time

Eat less of this and this

Ride this for 30 minutes a day five times a week
(You can see more on adding borders and padding to your images at Blogging excellent tutorial and easy to follow.I need to tweak it a little more and find a colour chart)


Learning more about photography is a long term plan but playing around with piknik and other online software.


As I'm essentially a SAHM - we live on a very reduced income since S & J arrived. My aim is to
  • explore a few blogs about reducing grocery spending and start my own price book.
  • Track our spending more carefully.
  • Review what we have been spending the last few months too.
  • Stick to my Buy Nothing Challenge as much as possible.I did buy a few things for birthday gifts and some tracksuits pants for the S & J.We have a few clothes from last winter that still fit and preloved clothes so they don’t need too much. They do go through lots of pants because they play hard, tumble and spill onto the dewy grass and find dirt and now sand.
  • I have a pattern now to make some pants … just need to buy material
  • We received in the mail ta guide for cost/hr of various electrical appliances …time to switch off a lot of appliances.

Planning and Productivity

  • Finish organising this and sort my filing cabinet and system out .

  • Staring 2008 tax early this year and getting end of financial year stuff underway.
  • Review and rewrite my 43 things and draft my 101 in 1001 days. I want to start on my birthday.
  • Make new to do lists and charts- I found this excellent link to a create your own custom styled schedule and task list for kids and adults. It has every theme imaginable - all the cartoon characters (Like Thomas,Sponge BOB, DORA, Sesame street ,Princess and animals etc) you chose your own pictures and you add your own task/chore list... then print it off.
it will hopefully help me ...
  • Leave earlier to get to appointments. playgroup and church on time

Growing our own vegetables

We still have a few white zucchini growing , and a few seedlings of chinese cabbage ,cauliflower and something else ? – our neighbours who are market gardeners gave us LOL – I have to ask him again. I want to plant more seedlings this week. I have 4 tiny tomato seeds planted but they are for later on.

Have you got any short goals or long term plans ?
What are your goals for June ?

Oh ! I almost forgot the biggest thing is planning S & J's 2nd birthday. The Planning Queen has a series of great tips.

S & J are now 23 months old. I can't believe it.They have just started talking the last few weeks. Still, it is hard to know what they are saying but they uses some signs and gestures. I catch my breath when I see the love they have for each other always fighting playing near by or riding the toddler bikes alongside each other.

With awe and wonder I marvel at the little things they do like patting or comforting one another when they are crying or hurt (or saying sorry after whacking the other with a toy) and even sharing chocolate.I listen in amazement at the things they say to me, 'EAT' opening the fridge door standing there like the teen man does and "NO" with new gestures (wagging a pointy finger) and the way they giggle with each other or try to hunt down find Matilda (kitten) to give her the dangly toy.

They leave a trail of destruction but laughter in their wake.

Welcome NCLM visitors - please read my welcome post HERE

One last thing ... I am trying to get to bed by
I am so addicted to blogging ... I can't leave you all. For the sake of the Tool man -it's my no 1 goal.

Never miss a post


Martin said...

Woman, that could have been 5 blog entries right there!


Robyn Jones said...

Do I have any long or short term
survival till the end of this pregnancy....

But yours are very comendable! (grin)

Sarah said...

Your challenges sound very similar to mine. I'm struggling with them, but making small strides every day :D

T n' W said...

My goal for June..lose 8 more lbs before vacation.

I just love stories with happy endings. Your boys are adorable!

smartypants said...

Wow!!! Quite the list of goals!!! All seem very attainable given time.
Good Luck.

DC said...

Wow! This is a very ambitious list. I think maybe I should make myself a list. I need to get organized!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

That is a big list of goals, I wish you all the best with it.

I would really love to tackle some of the same things on your list, but I REALLY suck at sticking to them *blush*

JuliaS said...

Here from NCLM.

I love this buy nothing challenge - I think I am going to have to try that!

Good luck with your goals!

Anonymous said...

Some good goals here Trish. We can help keep each other on track :-) I like PlanningQueen's birthday planners as well. I haven't seen the customised to do lists, but I'm sure the kids would love them - Princesses and Dora for sure.

Thanks for the link love :-)

Betty M said...

Woah - your list makes me tired just reading it. Where on earth do you get your energy from? I need some of it! Thank you for coming by my blog as part of NCLM - it is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish! A few things...

1. NCLM = National Comment Leaving Month. Glad you cleared that up for me 'cause someone mentioned it in a comment at my blog and I was stumped.

2. There's a great online colour chart here:
I use it all the time.
Otherwise, try:

3. What size clothing do S&J wear? I might have some stuff from last winter that I could send you.

4. No number 4, I just got carried away.

Take care,
Jane :)

Jill said...

(here from nclm)

I love that you grow you own veggies! I'm so jealous of a garden. We live in a neighborhood that isn't really a good place for gardens... some day...

Also, love cycling. Used to hate it but love it now!

Jayne said...

Those are some great goals, will enjoy popping by to read how you're going ;)

Anonymous said...

I need to go home and have sleep just reading your list of goals. I don't have any at the moment - a somewhat bad place to be. So I admire someone with so may goals!

sara said...

I'm over from NCLM. Wow, you have inspired me to get off of my lazy butt and get organized. Good for you!

Jendeis said...

I am in awe of your monthly goals. Go you!!!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Don't forget to visit your OLD friends. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

@xBox - LOL your right but I did call it Monster Monday.

@Robyn - that is a great goal in itself, very exhausting job you have ;)

@Sarah - yes small steps all the way.I will write about my 2min challenge later this week.

@t&w - thank you and good luck with your weight loss.

@Smartypants - thank you I need all the luck I can get.

@Dc it all starts with a list ... I love crossing things off mine.Good luck.

@Leigh - thanks ...*nods* I have a problem with sticking to them too (hence good intentions) ...but I have a few people to hold me accountable now.I"ll be blushing if I don't try.

@Julia's - welcome. The Buy nothing Challenge hasn't been too hard - after a week of procrastinating about buying I find I don't really need it afterall.

@Journeyer - the customised schedule (Mon to Sun) are fun to make for kids too.

@Betty -welcome ... I have bitten off more than I can crunch maybe but I will have fun trying.

@Jane - problem
2.thanks for the colour chart links
3. They are size 2 mostly now.

@Hopeful -welcome - I only ride my exercise bike now (haven't much in last 2 years).Once rode 1100kms from Melbourne to Sydney (plus training).That was my lifetime quota. I use pots too for tomatoes and basil.

@Jayne - thanks - winter makes me want to hibernate so got to get myself moving.

@Suze- thanks -I should try more sleeping too ...last night I did manage to turn off the modem at 12.05am.

@Sara - other bloggers have inspired me. I come by and check out your goals soon ...what are waiting for ?

Anonymous said...

Gawd, I feel like the slackest woman on the planet just reading those goals. *sigh* shame about the chocolate. I'll just have to eat that on my own.

Also, can NOT believe S&J are going to be 2!!!!! Where did that time go?

Alison said...

Oh good luck! Great goals, I can relate to a lot of them :-)
I am way too distracted by the chocolate cake to be productive right now, though.

Gill said...

Wow, you make me feel verrrry lazy and disorganised when I look at your list! Maybe it is time I sat down and made my own :-) (How come we don't get Rock Road chocolate in S.A??? Not fair!)

just jamie said...

Sheez woman, STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! Those are some serious goals. Like ... every single one of them. Way to go. Shoot high!

Love the blog goals ... and food goals ... and productivity goals ... and money saving ....

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