Saturday, 31 May 2008

Smiley Saturday

What made me smile this week

  • I got to see a very special friend Tiff @ Three Ring circus and her delightful children - at a picnic in the park
  • What can I say Saturday is almost over and I had a great afternoon at the Body and Soul women's event at Church. The Afternoon tea was why I went LOL .
  • I made a cute card , learnt a little about winter gardening (potted 4 tiny tomato seeds) and learnt a little about massage and got a short shoulder and scalp massage. I also gave a foot massage way was I soaking mine and I am way too ticklish. It was fun.
  • My MIL visited this morning so my computer time was limited *wah* .Actually - it was okay we sat outside in the last of the autumn sun and enjoyed watching the boys play. DH was at work till 1pm.
  • This afternoon, after I left for my afternoon off , she repeated everything she had told me to DH ...LOL I checked. Gotta' love her she is so consistent.
  • We have HOT water - more than ever the best reason to smile.
  • I know I shared it yesterday but for those of you who missed it -

  • It has been a lot of fun comments but a lot of my other dear readers seem to be absent. I miss you Okay !
  • My virtual friends - new and old - some which are real life friends made me smile.
  • Laura's Carly is here
  • Yesterday I wrote ...

    I am have touched by the many instances this week to the extent that though Internet friends can’t replace your community of real life friends this virtual world they can add to it.

    It is the supplementary support, that in good times and/or in bad times brings us to tears and cheers us on.
    When our world is shattered - cyber friends can help us pick the 'virtual' pieces. When we are triumphant - they can celebrate with us.
    When we use it earnestly and with compassion to reach out in friendship, we can receive it in return - that for some us is very real. I hope that we can give and take a little of this support.In my travels the last few days I have read some heartbreaking and inspiring stories.
  • Plus found some great steals - Trisha Truly made smile when she shared this guy -11 years old.

Sungha Jung

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