Friday, 16 May 2008


Thank God it's Friday and 52 Blessings to be grateful ... humour and friends who send me stuff like this

A friend sent me the first video today by email - then it was easy to Google on You tube and I found another. I admit to having a few giggles at the conversations overheard in "rest" rooms and funny things kids say are priceless...and have you seen these funny toilet pictures ?

My twins are fascinated by the toilet ...flushing and unrolling toilet paper - though still quite comfortable in their cloth nappies. Our toothbrushes are up high !

What's worse than your finding your kids eating meaty bites?

...drinking the dog's water ! They usually tip it over about 100 times a day (ok I'm exaggerating Mum ..) but today ... they got their watering cans out...

He did it

thank goodness he didn't make me tea on Mother's day.

By the way ... Jane @ Kidzarama also shared her story about a fondness for LUV biscuits (do you remember those - My twins would wolf them down if I could still buy them ... I am pretty sure my eldest tried them)

I have other friends who send me wickedly funny stuff but you probably get it too and some is x rated!
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