Saturday, 17 May 2008

Smiley Saturday

Today, (all day) I was wondering why there were no comments (I could see the visitors changing) ...paranoia sets in sense of humour is warped and everyone has deserted me (as opposed to desserted ...which is stressed spelt backwards)

By 10.30pm ... my a'ha moment !

By gosh I feel like a regular drongo ... a spammer started spamming my posts last night so I quickly put comment moderation on. I hate word verification with a passion now after Google put it on my posts so every time I tried to publish or even save I had to decipher their jibberish letters.

On with the show -I mean

So why I am smiling ...

I finally caught up on a few chores today ... I won't bore you with them all. I did hack trim the roses bushes - though one stem was about 10ft high.I didn't bleed much.

  • Actually all this week I managed get off my computer chair to be domestic Godess. M even commented tonight ...

"So what happened ? Is your blog thing or computer broken or something ?"

He noticed I haven't been on as much ...and was impressed. Little does he know how organised I am getting. More on that next week.

  • I am joining Lightening's Smiley Saturday swap again - I had a lot of fun last time. This time it is for stickers so internationals can join in too.

  • Lots of other things made me smile ... the way bloggers support and comfort each other - far too many to list and I don't want to leave anyone out.
  • My cherubs are finally starting to talk a little and it has been fun hearing a few new words and actions - they know the one for "stinky" (as in nappies).
  • Guess what I found there is a LOLdogs site - so cute

see more dog pictures

see more dog pictures

  • Moments ago ... I thought I wonder if there is a LOLkids ... yes there is - another brilliant idea I didn't have early enough LOL.

  • Our Tax was submitted (not smiling about the business tax bill) but I will get a small refund.
Don't forget to visit Lightening for more Smiley Saturday.

Coming up this week I have some brilliant steals finds and fun stuff to share.

Before I go to bed ...tell me do you prefer comment moderation or word verification ? I need to work out a poll tomorrow ! I promise tomorrow to publish the comments quicker. My apologies.

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