Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I have to finish our business and personal 2007 Tax returns amongst other things ... washing , folding and dusting.

I've have all the receipts/ dockets /deductions and now.My least favourite part is to collate it for the accountant.It is munchies time the scrunchy, crunch time when my procrastination skills are really put to the test.

These are the things I would rather be doing do when I should be completing our tax return while the Brothers are sleeping

  1. Make a cup of tea
  2. Check my hotmail and other emails. Drink my tea.
  3. Have a 5 min break walk to the fridge , stare at the mess fruit ... move a few things to look for something else more enticing

  4. Open the pantry ... to find something more satisfying and feel guilty grab a few rice crackers

  5. Notice the bench needs wiping ...and tea needs a refill.

  6. 'Spot' the new Target catalogue on the bench .I browse through all the things I don't have enough money to buy but covet need .

  7. Walk back to desk swap chair for fit ball have bounce and roll a bit.
  8. Check comments on my blog (respond to a few)
  9. I hear a noise ... check on the Brothers ... go take a p ee from all that tea. Change the toilet roll - the teen does it on purpose.
  10. Go back via the kitchen ...repeat 3 & 4
  11. Take t- towels to laundry ... remember the load to hang out and put a fiftieth another load of washing in the machine.

  12. Go back via the kitchen ... repeat 3 & 4 ... find chocolate.Eat I am feeling low.

  13. Can't remember what's for dinner ... go to blog and check my Monday Menu plan ... go back to kitchen ... check fridge that I have everything for dinner. repeat 3 & 4

  14. Return to fit ball ... see Google reader open in tab ...think 'what I have that many in my RSS reader ...I'll just browse for 30 mins 5mins' . I hear loud sounds telling me of one the Brothers are awake and he is going to wake his brother. I run quickly ... too late t w o u p ... time for a break.

Sigh.I just don't seem to get anything done !

Two more nappies to wash ...are you still with me ? I won't go on. I guess you can't care less are as bored as I am no doubt .

Time to play outside and of course make a snack for me the Brothers and cup of tea, maybe read the same page in my book 3 times my book while I watch them fight over the bikes,hit each with the plastic golf sticks [accidentally] and tip out the dog's water play and jump on the trampoline .

Where has my motivation gone ?

I have such a lot of things to get finished ... the alphabet cross-stitch I started in 1992, the folding, change the sheets, sort the winter clothes for the Brothers, get dinner started . It would be a relief to get my Tax return in - I am hoping for a refund but hub will have to pay ... so I can go shopping to the bank. Oops, I think I am making another list - shoot me.

ps It took me 30mins to make the image above do you like it LOL.


Bettina said...


Seriously I hear you.

I should have been getting ready for a workshop tonight and haven't even looked for my workbooks...............

katef - said...

oh you and me both... I can find so many things to do when I should really be doing something important!

Very impressed with the graphic too!!

Meleah the Mommy said...

I should be packing getting ready for a cross country move and instead I keep playing HANGMAN on your blog. I am addicted and you are totally my procrastination enabler!

Alison said...

Procrastinating is definitely a skill, and one that takes practice to be good at! In fact, my own blog was born out of procrastination.
I find it so much easier with children, though. I just drop the word 'park' or 'painting' in a sentence a couple of times and before you know it, the girls are insisting we go to the park! And naturally, you can't say no to toddlers.

Pamela Kramer said...

ah my kindred spirit! Love the list and those twins are a couple of cutie pies! Happy TT.

Joyce said...

You are just SO busy, that's the problem. :)

projectmommy said...

My problem is that whenever I get both kids down at once I just want some time to myself and I can't bring myself to do anything productive!
That kind of sounds like your problem too!

tiff said...

LOL, you just described me every other day. I have no motivation either, my friend. None. At. All.

3& 4 would be visited a few more times if it were my list LOL

Jenty said...

LOL, and not to forget... thinking about this list and typing up the post :)
Sounds very familiar.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

cute list - you described how I feel most days - the dreaded domino effect! Happy TT.

Crazy Daisy said...

OMG! This is so me! Love the list! Mine is up too!

Childlife said...

Sorry for laughing, Trish, but oh, this sounds familiar! (I still have my youngest's birth announcement cross-stitch to finish up... and he's turning two.) :D

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I should be current excuse is I am out of usable boxes, hope the husband buys that, we start moving next week.
I had fun visiting your TT.
Mine is at The Cafe.
Hope you'll drop by.

pussreboots said...

Good luck getting everything done. Happy TT.

Alice Audrey said...

I've done that

just jamie said...

Oh Trish, I like your style.

Exchange coffee for tea and we're playing the same game!

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