Tuesday 25 March 2008

Twin birth ...

My first birth was sadly induced after my precious little girl died in utero @26weeks.Bittersweet heartache and tears - I wrote her story but not her actual 'birthing' story. That is for another day.

I wrote this over 18 months ago after S & J were born.Birth for me did not go to plan either time.

1st August was the official due date ~40wks. Due to 'twins' and breech my caesarean section was booked for 14th July . It couldn’t come quick enough.
my cousin about 30 weeks -me @ 34 weeks
During 35th - 36th week I was feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sleeping much and was very tired. It was also the first week I hadn’t worked. My SIL had come down from Queensland to work for us (as her missionary mission’). It was good timing.

I was feeling a little itchy at times and in the back of my mind I remembered reading a few posts about it on a forum. I mentioned it to the Registrar at the High risk antenatal clinic when I went for my appointment on 29th June. I never asked him directly about Obstetric Cholestasis though.

The Professor (OB) was away overseas so I never saw him. The week before Twin 1’s fluid level was in the lower range and there was a slight concern. So I had an extra scan on 29th June. The scan showed Twin 1’s fluid levels were normal again.

The Registrar just said it was common for increased itchiness due to twin pregnancy stretching the skin more and dryness etc and I was close to term. I accepted what he said because it wasn’t too bad.

Friday 30th June I was very tired and exhausted. I got up had breakfast and fell asleep in a recliner chair which we had borrowed. I found it hard to get comfortable elsewhere. I had some lunch and feel asleep again. I woke up and was so itchy all over. I was scratching myself so much and applying cold cloths and took a non drowsy antihistamine Claritine (after I checked on Internet it was safe). I knew it wasn’t right the way I was feeling. My DH came home and I very uncomfortable and irritable.

Not sure of what I did exactly when but -I checked the Internet forum for the thread again about itchiness; I rang the hospital and was put through to delivery suite and checked my pregnancy books again. I was sure it was obstetric cholestatis (OC).The risk of stillbirth was all I could think about. I couldn’t bear it having had my precious Charlotte born still 22months before. Though her death had nothing to do with OC.

The Midwife said 'come in' .

I had a feeling I wouldn’t be coming home again before their birth so I quickly grabbed a few things. I hadn’t packed my labour bag- all week I meant to but I was so exhausted I never got around to it but they were all pretty much laid out in one room.

We organised our DS and dropped him at a friend’s place. I was so upset and uncomfortable I couldn’t eat anything (big mistake). It was about 6.30 pm when we got to delivery suite and we went straight in. After a short while a MW came and asked a few questions, did some obs and said she would put CTG on me.

I knew the babies were moving okay but at the same time I was worried things could change in a matter of minutes. I just wanted to know they were okay. The CTG was fine she said. Then they came and took blood after 8pm.By this stage we were starving and there wasn’t anywhere open for food. I was wondering how long it was going to take and if I would be staying overnight or having the babies at all. A MW came and said sorry they were still waiting for blood results at about 9pm. At 10pm they came and said results were back and not right and they were waiting for another Dr to review them.

DH & I joked about making it to 1st July (when the Australian Govt baby bonus would rise from $3000 to $4000 for each baby) I didn’t care about the money I just wanted living babies. I remember wishing we hadn't forgotten the camera.

Finally after about 11pm the Dr came and said I would be having the babies tomorrow morning by C/S (they were still breech), classed as emergency. They had to call the team in by two.

Part of me didn’t want to have my babies @35wks4days - I was so scared of having babies but worse about not having them. I knew they would be okay at this gestation. I was relieved in a way...every day with them was a blessing.

Around midnight they took me to antenatal ward. I was weighed /temp /BP check / Obs/urine test etc ,questions and settled into bed. DH went home.

They did another quick check with CTG machine but only to listen to heartbeats, I then had to wait for Dr to come and put IV cannula in-about 1.30am.The MW said I was a bit dehydrated I said I haven’t eaten or had much to drink. I barely slept -The lady (also heavily pg) beside me had constipation issues so was up/down and I had so many things going through my mind. I wanted to keep feeling babies move to know they were okay. I watched the clock tick away to pass time.

I was up early for a shower/ shave by MW - all my plans to wax / trim and shave my legs and? - gone. Then I had to wait as they had two real emergency c/s. My Mum came in to wait and worry with us. Finally I was taken to OT at about 12.15pm.
Nervous you bet I was -but no tears yet.

After I was wheeled into what I think was some kind of waiting bay DH was taken away to get changed. A few staff introduced themselves. As soon as I saw two midwives come in with bassinets I started to cry- it had taken me about 14yrs to get this far. I couldn’t imagine my babies in them. They said not long now -just getting everything ready.

I was wheeled into the OT - there was so much equipment. Things were explained to me and I was positioned for the spinal block. It was so awkward with my huge belly but when they injected the local into my back I hardly felt a thing.I was so nervous waiting for the needle to be inserted into the spinal area but more anxious of what was to follow.

I was laid flat with the bed tilted slightly then they started preparing me -I could feel them sloshing me with solution.I couldn’t see anything (1. a huge screen (1m high in front) .2. I couldn’t see anything anyway without my contacts or glasses). The registrar joked with me – “now you’ll $10,000” (it was only $8000 actually ;) )

They tested sensation with ice cubes - I had cold water dripping into my ears and finally I couldn’t feel anything - except embarrassment especially when they spread my legs for catheter. I felt like a beached whale with huge elephant legs.

Waiting...waiting - I the felt a tugging and stinging sensation .I didn’t know what was going on really. I was in a daze. Maybe I had been given something else.

It happened so quickly next - I heard that beautiful cry I waited for so long to hear what I missed with Charlotte. Samuel was born 12.51pm and whisked away to be seen to suctioned and given O2- he was not even to be shown to us. Then a minute later (though it seemed longer) Joel was born 12.52pm. Another wondrous cry .He was also taken away to be suctioned and seen to. There was a flurry of activity and even the anaesthetist left me and went to where the boys where.

My DH told me later they called a code blue for Samuel to resuscitate him because he almost or did stop breathing. The anaesthetist came back and told me all was okay. They said they were taking the boys to NICU and some said 'we had better show mum before they go'. I saw them for maybe 10 secs and they were so wrapped up I barely saw them but gave them a quick hello and a little kiss.

Someone else had our camera so only a few photos were taken. My husband would not have been able to take any of the c/s - or else they would have been picking him off the floor.

I was then stitched up and taken to recovery. I had terrible pain despite a Patient controlled analgesia IV and I needed a few bolus doses it still didn’t help. I also just wanted to see my little babies and hold them first.

I stayed in recovery for about 1.5hrs then was taken back to antenatal ward. The only thing on my mind was seeing my boys again to make sure they were okay. My DH came and saw me and told me they were perfect and beautiful. Finally at about 8pm I was wheeled down still in my bed to NICU to finally hold and see my precious sons. I was amazed and thankful they took the bed into the NICU.I could not have walked in.

They were perfect in very way - my heart melted.I was overwhelmed with love and relief. I was in awe of their tiny features.So many emotions.I hated the feeding tubes but knew they had a purpose.I couldn’t believe I had carried both of them – over 11lb (5kgs) between them plus placenta ‘baggage’ and fluid.
They spent 4 days in NICU, though they were quite well at one month premature. It was mainly for temperature control and feeding . Then we were transferred to our local hospital special care nursery. That same day I was so ill I thought I was dying - I had a massive headache and was vomiting. It was raining too and I was so worried about everything.I vomited the whole time we were being transported in the car with nurse escort in back seat asking me if I was alright.

We arrived after 25 mins and I was put to bed after I saw them settled in... together again in twin crib. I was given anti-nausea injection and left to sleep. I was so relieved to wake up alive ... seriously.

We had two weeks there before they finally let us go home.I had just started breastfeeding S and was expressing still for J.

The day we walked out of the main entrance carrying S & J was surreal ... never in my (our) wildest dreams had we imagined 22 months before we would walk out those same doors carrying not one but two precious babies... 22 months before all we carrying were broken dreams and hearts.

PS .They kept us in for so long because they said Sam wasn't feeding well ...lazy suck they said.I was instructed to continue top up bottle feeds of EBM ... yeh right! He has never had another bottle because he only wanted to breastfeed.

thanks to Lotus for hosting this birth story carnival.

I try not to dwell too much on my twin birth experience because all that mattered to me was they arrived alive after losing my first born. Part of me wishes things were different and they could never have left my side,that I didn't have to be discharged without them, but I know none of that matters now. I can't imagine my life without them ...chaos and all.


Alison said...

That's quite a story! What an amazing entrance your boys made.
Enjoy the chaos :)

Anonymous said...

oooh what a wonderful, scary but wonderful story! SO much of it reminds me of my own story... must got look at that carnival link, I just might have to join in as I don't think I have ever posted the 'birth' story for my girls!

Crazed Nitwit said...

I have happy tears when you described hearing their cries. I know how scared you must have been. Think of how much they would have weighed at full term...OY! They did so well for being preemies and weren't you the clever mum diagnosing yourself. Mom's know. I knew there was something very wrong with Bren long before they believed me.

Thanks for letting me enjoy your boys toddlerhood with you. I can't tell you the smiles it gives me.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautifully written post Trish. I think it is so true, that you can have all the plans in the world, but in the end it does not matter as long as the babies and you come out of it safely. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous Trish, simply gorgeous.

Wonderful story.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

And what a great result the pregnancy was. I love the photo of you next to your cousin - what a difference.

jeanie said...

What a great story - hooray for you and the boys!

Anonymous said...

What a happy ending to what must have been a very scary experience for you. I had conflicted feelings about my first caesarian/birth experience but in the end, you're right - as long as they arrive and everyone's OK, it doesn't matter how they got here. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your cs experience. My second one was much better than my first.

And yes, I can sooo relate to the feelings when you had to leave your babies there and go home alone. It's the worst feeling in the world.

Jayne said...

Thanks for sharing such a roller coaster of a birth!

just jamie said...

I have read Charlotte's story and shed some tears for your sweet angel.

These boys are so sweet. Great to read the details of their arrival.

jano said...

Thanks for sharing that Trish - I bet the pain and the joy and the nausea all came back when you did! I am always grateful for my 38w, 3.3 kg boys when I read stories like yours - I do not know if I would have been strong enough to be separated from those babies when they were so young. Good for you for being so strong.

Paula said...

You always make me cry :).

Thanks for sharing...even with the twists and turns its a beautiful birth story!!!

CONGRATS as always mama. I am so thrilled for you.

Laura said...

That would be terrible to have to leave your babies behind--be discharged first--but like you said, what matters now is that they are safe and healthy, and happy with you. :)
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Trish that was beautifully written. I can't believe they were so tiny, and so perfectly perfect! It's wonderful to hear you 'say' that none of the birth stuff matters now: you are so positive! They are a gift to you, but you, hubby, and even the teenrager are also a gift to the boys.

BB said...

Ooohhhhhh... ya made me cry! You will know (to your bones) the true gift of motherhood - especially after having climbed a particularly tough mountain to get there. You know I share your view from that place.

Gill said...

I loved reading your birth story, thanks for sharing!

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