Saturday, 1 March 2008

Smiley Saturday

I love Saturday because it is time to tell you guys what made me smile this week.
  • My little boys ... aka the Brothers -since they are 20 months old today and not really babies anymore (thanks to Jano @ Sidetalks sweet little girl,S for giving me this idea -she has twin boys too)
They make my heart sing every day and my hair turn grey er!

I could sing their praises all night ... they share mostly everything and if one picks up the two kiddy golf sticks they take one to their brother... I mean to share not hit them LOL.

Sunday we stopped to buy Hungry jacks drive thru- the 'brothers' were asleep. J was woke up and we were feeding him fries (from the front seat) - then I noticed him sharing them with S , placing fries near his hands and down the side of S's seat. Aww so cute !

They both love to ride in the little red wagon and will go and sit in there together ...smiling & waiting expectantly for me to pull them up and down the driveway (3-4 times every day ... I can't say no)
  • Ivy ... made me smile when she said my name 'there's Trish' when we caught up with Tiff in the park on Tuesday. She melts my heart and she has the most glorious curls.
  • A chance to meet up with Tiff and her children made me smile too .The Brother's love her gorgeous kids too.
  • My husband made me smile because he always does ... and he fitted new barrel bolts to the bedroom/bathroom/laundry and garage doors because the Brothers can reach the door handles and open them now ! EEEKs - they were going into rooms and closing the doors behind themselves and I couldn't find them and mostly not hear them wrecking everything.
    It is going to take me a while to get used to not banging my (.) (.) and head into the darn doors undoing the bolt first but better that then pull my hair and heart out when I can't find them.
  • Finding out my Lightening's Smiley Saturday swap partner is Jeanie.
  • one more for the road to bed I found this ... Julie are you still up ? NIGHT WEANING: 12 ALTERNATIVES FOR THE ALL-NIGHT NURSER (sorry I am too tired to retype it I'm the slowest typer @ 32wpm) but I don't know how it will work with twins.
You can find more Smiley Saturdays over at Lightening's. Don't be shy - join in too !


Cathy said...

it's past midnight and i'm just too tired to join in :( but love reading your saturday posts - will do my best to jump on board next week! our social calendar is a bit crazy at the moment! lol

CelloBella said...

They will always be your babies... my baby is nearly 11! :)

aka Internet Search Girl said...

How funny! I have twin nephews who just turned 2 (ok 8) on leap day. I bought them lincoln logs for their birthday one year and the one took two of the larger logs, handed one to his brother and then promptly hit him over the head with the other!!

jeanie said...

ha ha - my brother's best friends were twins born on Feb 29 - they would be 9 now!

Yay - I am your partner - that gave me a smile this morning (I know - sacrilige - I didn't read ANY blogs yesterday).

laura said...

How great that the boys get along so well! My sister and I fought constantly, if there was one of something we both had to have it. We did look out for eachother though...something twins can't resist. I do think that they have a tie, twins that is.

You're still breastfeeding at 20M? Hmm. I can't really imagine. Deeder's so big. I'm sure his self-weaning at 18M had something to do with my milk changing due to pregnancy...I never could have weaned him on my own. :P
Happy Saturday! I always enjoy reading through these lists of happy things.

Childlife said...

How cool that you got some time to hang out with Tiff! I'm doubly jealous... with you that you got to hang out with Tiff, and with Tiff that she got to hang out with you :)

tiff said...

Nice that I made you smile! You make me smile everyday!
Love the title you've given the boys..."the brothers" very cool.

Jayne said...

Love your name for them -The Brothers :D
My eldest baby is almost 21 and I still call her my baby (much to her horror around her boyfriend LOL)

Tracey said...

The sharing thing is just SO CUTE! Yes, you made me smile!

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