Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Magic 08 ball

My teen man wants to have a XV* birthday party - sleepover with six friends (yes only boys).

So I asked my teen's Magic 08 ball

Would six extra teenage boys eat me out of house and home be too many and am I asking for trouble ?

the answer ...without a doubt

so I checked again because I had a doubt

yes definitely ...

Seriously , I am still undecided ...he is a good kid and a few of the guys we have met before.He went to a birthday sleepover last Friday night.

It seems the two of us have a love-hate relationship these days. He grumbles and growls at everything but he quite helpful when I nag and threaten to withdraw all privileges he eventually gets the message.I yell back a lot more than I ashamed to admit and I get very frustrated with his mess, eating my treats and his attitude. I know I am not alone ...teenagers think they rule and have all the answers. He pushes all my buttons.

It will probably be the last sleepover party .The little brothers are having a party in 3 weeks so I don't know we can't say no ... and still make it seem equal in his eyes.He struggles because they get lots of attention.

As well since our teenage son has reached the size of an adult, things have gotten more complicated.I can't use stand over tactics We can’t get away with a lot of the things like kids’ meals when we eat out , or shopping in the boys’ section if he even liked what we picked - though he steals his fathers clothes, socks and underwear.

We are limited to how we can contain entertain them ...and not upset the neighbours.

I thought about just giving him money but he is smart enough to know his friends give money ...

I still have a few days to decide and work out how much mileage I can get out of saying yes versus the horrendous consequences of saying no .

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