Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Be careful she might hear you...

... or Funny things kids say ?

This morning I took the Brothers to the playgroup held at our local church. It is held in the huge Church 'education' building at the rear. The Church also has an historic sandstone building at the front and an old school house in the middle.

At the end of playgroup the children ride their bikes & trikes outside on the cement paths and around the school house - concrete pathways while the parents have their coffee/tea and cake.

I was checking on J because I couldn't see him and I was worried he might head off down past the old church to the road.I knew he was probably behind the school house slowly 'putting' along on his trike.

A little boy, 2 yrs old, comes past me on his trike .My ears p rick pick up "hey a s s h 0 l e " ... I hear it again ... out of the mouth of a sweet looking little blonde girl (about 4-5) who is following him. She is his sister.

I ask her what she said - just to make sure I heard it right !

She looks me in the eye and bats her eyelids "A s s h 0 l e".

I reply "that's not a very nice word " well for a 4-5 yr old.

The response ..." That's what Mummy calls my Dad all the time 'you a s s h 0 l e' she says "

... What could I say ?

Then off she goes. She comes past me again a minute later ... cups her hand around one side of her mouth and in a half whisper she says

"Don't tell my mum I said a s s h 0 l e" The kid has no manners either how about a please !

Me : I didn't know whether to *gasp* or *snigger*

I resisted the temptation to "dob" to her mum or anyone.Since, I am no 'SAINT' and the good Lord knows the words that leave my lips and the unspoken ones LOL...

P.S.Her mum does not attend the church. I have barely spoken to her.

P.P.S.I am really going to be more careful.Though my teen is certainly teaching the Brothers a few choice words.

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