Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What are you doing on Australia day ?

On a lighter note I wanted to share this hilarious ad by Australia Day Council ...
... with captions for my international readers

“Mr Smither ?"
"ah yeah"
"Our records indicate that last Australia Day you spent the day ....on the couch
"Not a fan of BBQ's ...not overly social?"
" I love BBQ's"
“Really ?' ... "Do you think Farnsie (John Farnham) would neglect his barbie?”

"Listen, Australia Day is your chance to say thanks! For beaches, lamington drives,Kylie (Minogue) and a democratic right to give *dead arms! ... See you at the fireworks then!”
(I still had trouble deciphying it and the word sync is out on youtube -here is a better version)

So what are doing ? If you live in NSW you can do this on Australia day see here for your state
We are still deciding what to do ...

(these were Sydney NY Eve 2007)

* a friendly punch in shoulder

Just for fun do you remember Austen Taysus - Australiana (slightly coarse content warning)

your turn - what things do you consider unique to Australia ?

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