Monday, 21 January 2008

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference

Today, I want to share with you about Laura and

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference is an inspirational blog energized by a girl who is changing the world. She encourages kids and adults to find ways to make a difference. She also promotes and supports worthy charities.

I encourage everyone to visit this inspirational young lady,Laura who is honouring the memory of her grandfather .Laura is a 'keeper' who aims to change the world one project at a time ... every 25 days beginning first of every month with a new project. There are many more projects and ideas on her site too.

25 Days to Make a Difference    - Click here for details

Get her badge for your side bar ...

She is also humbly asking people to vote for her in 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards - please go vote so she stays near the top and people will find her inspirational blog.A very simple pay it forward if you can't help her in any other way. The world needs more young leaders like Laura.

ps I re posted this as today because no one seems to have noticed ;)

pps we still need your votes at Top Momma too
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