Wednesday, 9 January 2008

This, too, will pass

(Wordless Wednesday please see below this post)

Today, in my Google reader I had 80 posts . I started, genuinely, reading them all while nursing my little ones (one at a time) down to nap.

I was feeling a little down about my lack of time to get things done and trying to make medical appointments for my sons, then being left on hold - only to have to leave a message.The Children's Hosp outpatient's clinics never call you back. Frustration at lots of things . It is no coincidence that ...

I came across a link on Louise's site @ My Journey to Eliminate Debt. (Louise, has very interesting site and will even try to answer questions or find them for you - quickly too) .

I have had some difficulties in my life but nothing compared to the Hoyt's. Louise quotes the famous
"Life is not always a bed of roses"

I know roses come with thorns ... and they hurt.

Life is a mix of good times and bad times. The good times speak for themselves but without sad moments happy ones wouldn't be realised. We have to have rain to see the rainbows and appreciate the sunshine. I have learnt that in the hard times of stress, failure, disappointments and loss, we must not give up.I got my Christmas wish-Amy Grant's book Mosiac .She wrote a brief chapter on loss but these four little words.

are a reminder that we must be determined not to give up.When things seem insurmountable, I keep my faith in God. At the close of every day there comes a darkness then there is a morning filled with lots of light.

If you want to feel inspired I seriously urge you to look at this link and then view the inspirational you tube video of this amazing Dad, D.ick Hoyt . D.ick, unfit and in his 30's started competing in major triathlon events with his severely disabled son, Rick... including towing him in a dinghy while he swam the swim leg. D.ick was determined to give his son the feeling 'he wasn't disabled anymore'.

*Kleenex warning ... my eyes were puddling up and overflowing by the end of the video... mostly for the joy. You need to read the story first.

Last, but not the least we would do well to remember that we can find happiness every day in the small things of life... those big things may happen but we cannot just wait for them to feel happiness.

Ps .. one hour is just not a long enough nap S & J . *sighhhhh*
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