Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Baby's got blue eyes and can you see her fears

Please note this is a very important message about Child abuse

Today, I was reading through my new rss feeds and came across one I missed on my daily visits to Project Mommy.
On January 2oth she posted the story of Kelsey Briggs (her memorial page).
Kelsey was the victim of fatal child abuse. Project Mommy asked us to...

Please take a minute to watch the video and visit the site. Don’t sit idly by if you suspect child abuse of a child you know on any level. Don’t hope someone else will call. Don’t sit by because you don’t want to cause trouble, or because it would require too much effort on your part. Don’t let this happen to another child
and to re post this. Warning - I watched the video with tears in my eyes but it very moving and not to be missed. You can read the story in the you tube video sidebar.

Kelsey 's family have a chapter in Hugs across America.
They collect teddies for this project for children in foster care and crisis.

in this often troubled and troubling world, it is our mission to bring comfort to children in crisis through the hugs of teddy bears and messages of loving care.
Secondly, Imaginif & All for Women Forums have merged.
Imaginif and All for Women (www.allforwomen.com.au) have formed a sistership. This means we now operate our web services hand in hand (hope you’ve seen our first joint project – the Teddy Tour www.teddytour.com.au)
Imaginif was/is the project of Megan Bayliss to help prevent child abuse. The Teddy tour is their first joint project.Please take a moment to read about it.

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