Monday, 3 December 2007

I won ... the UK Lottery 4 times NOT !

heehee - I won the UK lottery 30th Nov, 1st Dec and 2nd Dec and I don't even remember buying a ticket ... as well as on 30th Nov my email address won with UK Lottery board. Plus another lady wants to give me 25% +10% of $ 7 million for my help.

Seriously, well I am not buying it... if you really want to know more about email /internet scams go visit Snoskred. She explains it far better than I ever could.

Plus if someone forwards you an amazing or WOW email story, plea for a missing person or other things that leave you wondering ~ this site truth or fiction will tell you -no doubt ! Find the truth and be saved the embarssment of spreading a false rumour or story.
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