Friday 21 December 2007

did they really make the naughty list ?

Yesterday S & J were playing in their secure play area behind me as I am blogging away

S decides he wants out or me to breastfeed him.I pick him up and smell a familiar smell ...hmm my brain is slowly ticking over, my olfactory nerves are tingling

no it wasn't poop ...

no it wasn't my older's son deodorant

no it wasn't roses (but I did stop to smell them yesterday out my window).I couldn't place it at first then I remembered oh no damn it I left a Lindt chocolate ball

on top of here
(ps it is J in the picture because I have the bandit handcuffed beside me).

I then see the evidence down the side of his (before I sprayed it with preen) His face was surprisingly clean. Not my Lindt chocolate ball I *cry*

So the little devil monkey climbed on top of the lounge to swipe it and eat it. I still haven't found the wrapper. Did he eat that too I wonder ?

On a sadder note ... Wednesday J climbed a top the dining room table and played with the Christmas tree and smashed a very precious glass bauble ... my little angel baby's name ornament.I was sad, he wasn't hurt but he cried when I roused on him.

Today ... I feel doomed as both the boys can climb over the couch (lounge)

out of the once secure play area.We were taking it down for Christmas anyway but I am not ready to let them loose in the house ... when will I get free time to do my blog and read housework.

It used to be safe to let them play beside me contained and secure. My computer used to safe but no longer *help* ! Santa all I want for Christmas is a "Supernanny".


Cathy said...

I can totally relate - my boys are into everything!! I'll be posting another update in the next couple of days with all the things they have got up to (not good)!

so sorry to hear about the glass ornament...

Robyn Jones said...

Sorry about the special ornament...:(
Funny about your little guy and the chocolate though...LOL!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I remember moving furniture around to block my son in. He's almost 3 now and nothing can keep him confined.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Hi Cathy - just what I need some ideas ...of what to watch out for.

Robyn - thanks I was upset but I can hopefully get a duplicate. J didn't know it was special - he didn't break his or his brothers or cut himself.I don't know how S knew the Lindt ball was up there - he has good taste though.

Tammy - we not long rearranged the room - the mesh fence they just rip the velcro fastenings off the gate now too.

WE will get creative after Christmas - the worry it the drop to the floor. I don't know how the

Veronica Foale said...

Oh no! Not the chocolate *sniff*.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not the chocolate *sniff*.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Veronica? How can I be anonymous if you know who I am?

Silly Blogger.

katef said...

oh no!
You know I am impressed that you have ever been able to confine them... we've never really managed it. We think we have, but something like this happens and we realise how wrong we were. Now I could point you to several posts of mine that talk about our girls getting up to some big bad mischief but I am not sure if it will make you feel better or worse so I will leave it up to you to find them!
*hugs* for the ornament... this is the first year I have dared to hang our special ornaments that the girls got their first Christmas in hospital and yeah one of ours was broken too.. I cried!

Head Gaggler said...

Oh no, I hope the stain comes out. I youngest is a climber too. Gotta watch her like a hawk right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember when our confines were crashed and we had to let them out into the house to roam free.

My head was spinning with all the things they got into.

Shame about the chocolate!

Anonymous said...

At least he has good taste in chocolate! LOL At least, I hope he ate it!!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh man. This is a daily occurrence here. I've definitely learned to blow off the incursions into the rest of the house.

I'm sorry about your special ornament. :-(

Anonymous said...

I, too, have a sad Lindt ball tale to tell...

Last Christmas, it was raining a bit in the morning, so we didn't make the dog go outside. We unwrapped our presents, had breakfast, then took off for our next engagement.

When I came home, hours later, the dog met me at the door. She'd been at home, alone, all day, amidst hundreds of dollars worth of new stuff!

Surprisingly, the only damage done was the consumption by her of an entire box of Lindt balls. Now we all know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so rather than being angry with her, I was concerned for her welfare. She didn't exhibit any signs of illness (little pig!), but for the next few days there were Lindt wrappers shit out all over the backyard!!!

Naturally, I was sad at such a loss, but boy it was funny!

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