Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Heads or Tails .... Mark

Skittles has picked Mark as the theme or prompt for this week

Mark ... my first thought was finger marks ... S & J and the way they mark their territory ... me (my clothes) everyday with their fingers and face to claim me as their mummy.

Vegemite , olive oil margarine , sticky Nutra grain fingers , yogurt etc etc.

Someone once told me they white clothing was BC (before children) but I don't learn.

Then of course making their mark ....(marks) all over the lounge, windows and mirror doors (on holidays) they loved to kiss themselves and then in the ruin they leave behind or scribbles on the wall. We still haven't washed it off after weeks.

Of course we all want to get good marks in exams , and when the end of year reports come out I have no doubt about the marks of our eldest ... I know he struggles with learning,yet he refuses to lift a finger to study.The marks will be low.*sigh*(next year will be different)

I also thought of Mark Holden ... he was a 'hottie' once in 70's yes I am showing my age ...now he is an Australian Idol judge. Mark made his mark once and now he judges 1000's of other young hopefuls trying to make their mark, and become the next Australian Idol.


Natalie said...

Marks on the wall...I learned about that one today, but didn't even think of it as I was doing my H/T entry. Great choice! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

cute, cute CUTE!!!! I like that mark on the wall. But of course being a gramma here, it makes me smile. I'm sure it didn't you.

My H o T is posted.

Andrée said...

Marks on the walls from cats are a pain, too! Have a great day.

Heart of Rachel said...

I remember when my son made his mark on our wall. I was upset but I didn't get mad at him. He must have seen how hard I scrubbed on the wall to remove the marks and didn't do it again.

Skittles said...

How nice that you have two young decorators living with you. LOL!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Love your write up, Trish!

smarmoofus said...

*giggle* "Young decorators", indeed.

Cute post! Maybe you should hook up with the Magic Eraser poster, Mom Knows Everything. She'll get your marks taken care of.

baby~amore' said...

LOL -I tried the magic eraser but it didn't work ... a bit of elbow grease and the all purpose wipe stuff did a better job. I was reluctant to remove the masterpiece but since our eldest had smudged it all it looked worse.

I didn't see the deep marks they banged into our hardwork tassie oak coffee table ...OOPS Daddy was not impressed. I am in trouble too.

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