Sunday 11 November 2007

Handbag personality...


Veronica Foale said...

I think your handbag/nappy bag says that most mothers are pretty similar.

It sounds exactly like the contents of mine, except I don't know where my phone is. (the toybox maybe?)

Anonymous said... handbag says I am a pig that never cleans my handbag out.

I recently bought a really nice leather handbag and decided that I would always clean it out. Really, it is so boring to have 17 Woolworths scrunched up grocery dockets in one's hand bag!

My good intentions lasted a week.
But....I am always the person who has that little thing in my bag in response to a question, "Don't suppose you've got a ...... in there have you?"

I'm a happy and helpful pig.

Anonymous said...

My handbag is full, and I mean FULL of receipts, deposit slips, and a billion other random scraps of paper. It's kind of scary! ;)

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