Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday Musings and the p in pool

I slept on it ... again badly because I insist on staying up so late ,then side sleeping because we co sleep and I knew as I drifted off to sleep I was dreaming while I was still awake ... giggling in fact but can't remember WHY now ... I was too tired

I would like to pass on the Nice Matters award to ...

Tiff @ Three Ring Circle because she is really one of the very nicest people I have really met via the Internet

Dallas Miao'd because she is well really nice and I love her cat and purrs

Rachel @ Heart of Rachel -she always takes the time to visit people and leave meaningful comments and

Amy @ Amy's Random thoughts because she is just so nice and nice matters.
A few others I considered already had this award.

Today was such a beautiful day ... my three sons enjoyed a sploshing and splashing in a $12 blowup pool , my husband oiled our outdoor spa (we haven't used it for nearly 2 yrs) and we went traipsing through a real 'junk' yard ... looking for 'stuff' ( don't ask ... new gates well old ones to get re powder coated to save $$ and the environment -it's a work in progress ) .

It is the simple pleasures in life that make you smile .

It is supposed to be a spaceshipp ppool ... yes I think there are probably a few extra pees in there now. Lucky it has a built in drain plug. I need to go buy some re usable cloth swim nappies before I let them in our spa or other peoples pools. I can't justify the co$t of disposable swim nappies.

I can see they will have a lot of fun with this pool while it lasts. See the bulging on one side probably due to over enthusiastic pumping with the air compressor. Hubby says it's a sign of it being cheap !

The boys have already tried to sink their half pint teeth in too. Oh well ... it would cost me $15.80 to take them to a nearly indoor play centre , inside a factory unit, with no air conditioning and no outside food /drink allowed in ... so I figured $12 is a small price to pay for a few hours joy.It is was in the shade of the shade shelter . They have room for a friend (s) too.

They were so funny to watch. S took a while to find out it was fun - the first time he cried and we took him out soon after. J laughed and splashed about tossing the toys overboard. A short time later S was happy to go in again splashing and laughing. Our teen wasn't so happy because it wasn't deep enough for him ... he dipped out .

Friday, I noticed J has a new tooth and tonight S is walking even more and more. My heart is just bursting with the joy of the moment. Thank you Lord for this fine day.

I think S has ripped a little of the frenulum linguae under his tongue (not elsewhere as some may know it as another part of the male anatomy)-where he had a slight tongue tie too - hard to see exactly because he won't let me in his mouth. My poor darling. I cannot imagine how people can get this pieced.


JaniceNW said...

Waterplay is the best! My boys would play in a sink full of water, in the bathtub, in the toilet(if the lock wasn't working) and in our little backyard pool. I threw in some measuring cups and a few other non-essiential(to me) cooking implements and they were busy forever!

Isn't it just a joy to watch them?

tiff said...

Thanks Trish for the award!

Ivy and Noah love water play. We have the double shell happening right now. Most hot days I have been stripping them down and they have played the afternoon away in there.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you very for this sweet award and for the kind words you said about me. I really appreciate it.

Glad the kids had a wonderful time in your new pool. I'm not aware of disposable swim nappies. They would come very handy for swimming parties.

I also think small pleasures in life can bring overwhelming joy to the heart.

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...


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