Monday, 22 October 2007

100 acre quiz , toys and Christmas

Oh! do you remember the frivolous fun of childhood asking each other those silly questions with paper folded in squares ... for the life of the name of the game escapes me (help !)

Oh Pooh ... anyway please check out this cute quiz! What 100 Acre Personality are you?? Click below to find out!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

here are a whole bunch of other quizzes but I won't be doing them ... unless I see a really good one !

Just the 100 acre one seems so cute. Pretty neat ! I like Kanga ... we have a talking Pooh here and a bouncin' Tigger that my boys love. Fascinates them in fact ... no I didn't buy them they came preloved from their cousins.

I think it awesome we get all their preloved toys . I am thankful they are such great kids who take care of their toys. Plus means we spend less and contribute less stuff to landfill.

Truth be told my sons are quite happy with pegs, straws and the fantastic plastic ware (Tupperware) in my cupboards. Who needs toys ??? We have half the Fisher Price collection.

My 'mother guilt' conscience says you have to give S & J something for Christmas but I am already overwhelmed by the toys we have and they don't play with them much. They are happier outside. WE will have to be creative I think and save money while they still don't know.

I know other people will still buy them toys and S & J will have the most fun ripping the wrapping paper and playing with the boxes.

I am looking forward to reading others Christmas shopping tips/guides to get some inspirations and ideas for almost 18 months old boys.


Veronica said...

I love tupperware. Doesn't it make the best toys?

I think that for this xmas I am going to give Amy a bunch of balls in a big box. I think that will be the thing she would play with the most.

Melbo said...

Apparently I'm Owl but I always identified more with Eeyore.

I'm not going berserk at Christmas either. Just a simple toy, some DVDs and new clothes for William. I agree that they get so much more enjoyment out of the wrapping.

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