Friday, 5 October 2007

Friday's Big Day Out

Today I took my children to the regional park ... with our friends T and her seven delightful children. They left home at 6am ... for the 2hr drive to Sydney. Special friends indeed.

I need to beg some photos off her... We ate a little , we chatted, we watched the babies (oops toddlers) play. The big kids went off on their own and it lovely to sit in the shade (of the fabric shade shelter... all the trees had dirt beneath them and the other shelters were taken). It got blown away a few times but we saved it. There was only a slight wind. Glad it wasn't the gale force of the past few days.

My lil' boys learnt the great Australian wave ... also known as shoo fly

Shoo fly don’t bother me
Shoo fly don’t bother me
Shoo fly don’t bother me
Cause I don't want your company (*3)
Gosh I really hate flies! and I never knew it was a nursery rhyme.I am going to teach them this.
I found this cool site for nursery rhymes. Sorry I digress (I have forgotten so many).

and the OH the joys of Bindii's.
One of life's pleasures is to go without shoes in summer - unless there's bindii in your lawn. If you've ever had bindii prickles in your bare feet, you'll know how painful it can be.

Oh I hate Bindii's and as much as I love going barefoot ... with bindii's it is not even an option. It's a really good way to teach your kids to wear shoes.

D & his mate P, enjoyed the day even if D did have a few whinges that it was boring. S & J loved it and especially when their big bro took them off for a little play time.


karen said...

i'm totally going to teach my daughter that nursery rhyme. so fun! thanks!

tiff said...

We had a lovely day too! Yes the flies and bindiis were bad but the company was great! Thanks for providing much needed cabin fever relief.

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