Saturday, 8 September 2007

Running on empty ...

lately, everything has been running on empty

S & J have been unwell the past few days and last night I took them to after hours GP clinic and A & E. The A7 E was too slow so I wen tback to GP clinic were Dh was waiting with S.They had a cold with fevers,cough,runny green noses and very needy. Thought I better take them for checkup.

They both have Otitis media (different ears ? better take a pen with next time to write it down ), S also had a swollen drum (fluid in middle ear) and one has a red throat (? who) but thank fully their chests were clear. Two hours later we left with scripts and instructions for Nurofen and Dimetapp. Nothing was open though to buy it.

I felt very guilty for not listening to them sooner ... trying to ignore their needy cries as part of the colds. Not that I ignored them I held them as much as I could but couldn't hold both at once all the time so one or another was invariably crying.

In middle of night Joel was crying and so hot I thought I was on fire. The thermometer was nowhere to be found (till 20 mins later)... the panadol had .5 ml left and other bottle nowhere to be found. Not good !

S joined in the melai too but we managed to all get back to sleep.

I hit the chemist at 9am and left purse empty $54 poorer for the boys - 2 bottles of antibiotics, one bottle Nurofen and one Dimetapp... LOL Not ! The main petrol tank and sub tank were empty ! The bread bag empty ... we had two extras (D's friend sleeping over and cousin M) helping finish the new loaf .

The sugar bowl was empty (lucky I got a refill yesterday) , the milk was low and cereal too ... wait till I have two teenagers to fill everyday.

The baby MumMia's S favourite rusk boxes are empty.Though I thought I had some extra boxes somewhere.

The tissues stock is running on empty ... with at least 4 empty boxes scattered around . [I think they will make a good cheap toy for S & J to trash and hide treasure.]

The nappy stocks are low with the rain, the clothes too and ...

I feel like I have been running on empty too. Doesn't help I stay up late and read other peoples blogs or do other irrelevant things. I am running out of energy and feeling rundown ...

The rain cleared and we decided to head out to the Church Country Fair for lunch. I bagged a few bric a brac bargains ... I was able to restrain myself from buying a bundle of Trixie Belden books and Anne of Windy Willows ... even for the Church $3 a book was too much. I did buy Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys for $2 (bargain saved me $22.95). I already have the Secrets of Happy Children ... but better get onto reading it again quick.

Alas ... they were running on empty too no cream for my pancake & strawberries and nothing left at the BBQ , scones were gone quickly in the morning.Then all the vegies were gone.

[-off the track ...I think scones and jam and cream will be our morning tea tomorrow. DH's nice and husband are coming .I had to make pancakes tonight too.]

J discovered what the remote actually does tonight and yes ... he really knows how to channel surf now. He is walking more and more ... but our floors are slippery and socks not grippy enough so we treads carefully then breaks back into a crawl if he falls.

S is now attempting a step or two between furniture but he is very hesitant and cautious ... unless it comes to climbing. Soon these little guys will be running and I will be running on empty even more. They are getting into so much. So cheeky too ... watching our reactions to things they know are off limits.

You know ... I wouldn't have it any other way.

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tiff said...

Oh Trish!
So sorry to hear that the boys have been so unwell.
Hope you all recover soon.
lots of love and hugsxx

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