Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday flashback, time capsules and cr@p.

3 years ago on September 7th we settled on our home ... where we live now.
3 years ago on September 7th was Charlotte's funeral (one of darkest days in my life).

Today we opened the boxes in our old garage -where we still work.They have mostly untouched for the last 3 years and even up to 7.5 years. So many memories of past ...buried under layers of dust (even rat poo).Like little time capsules ... but buried in dust and grime.

I picked up an old newspaper and the date was Friday 6th September 2002 ... how freaky Friday ( 5 years ago almost to the day).I also found a 1990 calendar -the day/dates are same this year. Though I knew this.

D's preschool folder with craft and early scrawlings and artist achievements
his old books and some toys ... sadly the rats (yes ewww and aaargh ) have been in some of the boxes and lots of the Golden books had to be trashed.

I found a few of my old Trixie Belden books (yes I read them too) but didn't find the whole set I almost had. I found an old Anne of Green gables book, my old bible and other forgotten favourites plus a few 'sex' manuals ... some customer left them behind.Now long forgotten by us LOL but I know where to find them *wink*.

I found lots of my Tupperware and other treasures and junk but some good stuff ! When we first left our huge house we moved into a caravan for a year so everything was packed. Then we moved to a small house for 4 years and we never unpacked a lot of it. Then when we moved here I was too busy and busier since the babies arrived. However today I a helper (D didn't have school because of the APEC holiday) and an extra one in my cousin M (24) ... DH got roped in as well ... just in case he had to jump a giant rat. We never saw any -thank goodness.

Glassware from our wedding was still packed from 13 years ago (or more) and maybe one day I will unearth a few more treasures. My Franklin Mint Teddy plates are intact as well and a calligraphy version of our wedding certificate and some old photos ... still didn't check them all out.

The two boxes full of recipe cards I had to have ... I have brought home to try again ... might add a bit of variety to our standard boring menus.

The back of the wagon was full, D & M laps were covered and so was every spare space with just a few of the things I wanted !... even though I haven't thought about them much in last 7-8 years.

It gets you wondering how much money we have wasted on [im] material things ... too much ! Now I am older and wider (not wiser yet) I can say I could done with less and saved money.

There were also archive boxes full of folders of receipts (Business tax) stuff now the arts could have had that but even avoided that cr@p.

I wish I took photos ... didn't think of it till now. It will take me all weekend to sort it out now.