Wednesday, 25 July 2007

GDUNH...and sleep sharing

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt - I registered today for a bit of fun and if I win something - hey it is a bonus.Basically it is an Internet scavenger hunt with the chance to win random prizes (MCN related) and get to see a few new WAHM (work at home mum) sites.I think I am going to like this game.

Already, I found a great link to sleep sharing (co-sleeping) by Elizabeth Pantey when I was browsing the GDUNH forum. A post by Tribalbaby got me interested and I followed a link.

By coincidence they were talking about Elizabeth Pantey's book No Cry sleep solution at the ABA meeting yesterday.

I also found some great info on feeding to sleep ... which I confess I do most of the time except when the boys fall asleep in the car or in my arms (as Sam did yesterday at ABA meeting - very unusual) or in Daddy or big bro D's arms. Because if he is in my arms and it is time for sleep he is on the (.) 99% of time.

It comes down to nurturing your children the way that suits you and your family.I hope in everything I do I can follow this advice as long as we do it safely and with regards to their rights.

It’s very important to eliminate your need or desire to satisfy
anyone else’s perception of what you should be doing. In other words, no matter
what your in-laws, your neighbours, your paediatrician, or your favourite author
says about sleeping arrangements, the only “right” answer is the one that works
for the people living in your home.

I love sleeping with my babies, we keep each warm and I know they are safe with us. I love snuggling with them and stroking them.I get a good enough sleep and our breastfeeding is maintained easily. We all pretty much sleep through the night. I know people look surprised when I mention they both sleep with us.

Here are more good reasons for sleep sharing from tribal baby.

Don't worry I won't be EC 'ing ... look it up -as if I wasn't busy enough now with twins LOL ... maybe in summer I 'll give it a try.
I like her site though it has some very interesting ideas. I feel a bit reassured too with baby-led introduction to eating solids. Not that I trust Internet advice over that of professionals but it is good to see that Sam's eating pattern is a little like this child. I started him on Pentavite anyway as a good measure for his iron needs and to hopefully stimulate his appetite.

Though my DH has the opposite quite high iron levels -it is being monitored by GP but not yet bad enough for medication. He says when he was little he had Giraffe medication ... to make him grow tall like giraffe LOL !