Friday, 27 July 2007

Argh ... the teeth are in the house

or the mouth ... teething sucks !

Sam has a top tooth emerging and he is definitely not as impressed about this milestone as we are. Last night he went to bed late ... after he didn't much sleep at all yesterday and then screamed several times overnight like a banshee . He has his fingers in his mouth all the time. We tried BFing lots, teething gel and panadol to no avail. Then this morning he had to woken at 10.30 - I kid you not.

Today, looked like are a repeat of yesterday with no sleep -fell asleep on the boob but once his bod hit the cot he was screaming and arching his back-waking J .Thankfully after being wrapped and put in side car bed he is sleeping .His bottom gums are bumpy and sore too ...

Joel has similarly bumpy gums and a grumpy bum. His teeth are very close.Every nappy is pooey and getting progressively looser with bum getting redder. He is not as happy as usual but happier than his brother. He also had a very short sleep yesterday and today.

We are participating in the Australian Twin Registry teeth emergence and oral health study. So I must remember to faithfully record which twin , which tooth and the date ... we still have to send back our DNA testing ... I know 100% Sam is mine - Joel ? and DH (their daddy)- I hope so - mix ups only happen in the movies.

Mummy is also very grumpy today ... chocolate isn't even helping. What can I cook ? and eat !

Ps I knew J wasn't himself - just checked his temp 40.4 ... now we are off to Dr's.

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tiff said...

omg, hope everything is ok!

Thinking of you and the boys

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