Monday, 25 October 2010

Boobies, Breastfeeding & Pink ribbons

Its Pink Ribbon Day and today sees the launch of Australia’s 1st online community for volunteer breast cancer research participants. By joining us you could help researchers spend less time finding volunteers and more time to find a cure! Log on to and register today!

Answering a few questions about your lifestyle may help researchers find answers, a faster cure & save lives.

Today is a good day to come out and talk about my boobies ...Two weeks ago on 10.10.10 my twins breastfed for the last time.

It might shock or surprise people that I allowed my sons to breastfeed past their 4th year.
I know the idea of breastfeeding preschoolers wasn't on my agenda when I started 4 years ago.

When I started breastfeeding, my one month premature, twins, it was doubted by many I would establish BF at all. It was a tough start. It nearly didn't happen because I didn't get a lot of support in hospital.

Once home , I breastfed one and pumped for his brother who refused to attach to the breast . He didn't breastfeed for over 5 months. I was extremely relieved when he changed his mind.

So 'our' breastfeeding journey has reached it's final destination.It wasn't a deliberate choice to stop that day , it just happened that we were away for the weekend.My brother & his family were away with us, the next morning my boys hurried out of bed to play with their cousins.
They forgot ...I knew it.

The next morning back at home I was out of bed early; they liked to come and snuggle in with us and then BF .They got distracted because I was up already.

The third day I simply said 'No'.

It was hard when one especially cried and begged me please for "Boobie Nilky" , trying to convince me he was still a little boy and wanted boobie milk not milk from the cup/cow.
(I took this at the farm 9.10.10)

Over the last 2wks they have still asked every few days...the other day one tried to tell he was little because his legs didn't reach (...the bottom of the bed).
Today both asked as they cuddled into my chest. One softly murmured "Boobies, I can see your boobies" (I was wearing a singlet)
Am I sorry to end - yes - but I know it was time. I'll miss it in many ways and I 'm thankful that I had the support of my husband so I could breastfeed.
I have very lumpy breasts and I've had several mammograms over the years. Each time it is scary.
Breastfeeding for 6 months or longer is just one of preventions.
One in nine women will contract the disease by the age of 85 and about 36 Australians are diagnosed with it every day...1% are men.
I hope that one day we can cure all cancers.
I registered at Register4 for answers, cure, future,life ! Only takes 3 minutes.

*if you came here to see pictures of Breastfeeding twins or even my boobies sorry to disappoint ;)
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