Thursday, 13 March 2008

Worry 101 ...

OK....... let's talk about my baby the middle Brother - S ... aka Twin 1

I believe that Murphy's goal this week was to push me over the edge and turn my hair gray er ! with sickness and medical appointments.

It was a bad week . Looking back over the first twenty months I guess it really should not have been a surprise to me S has been so well - they both have (excepting for J's diagnosis of VUR urinary reflux). We have hardly needed to see the GP.

All this last week my little guy S has had temperatures up to 39 plus and it was over 40 degrees Tuesday night and 39.7 still last night at midnight.Today, he has finally had no fever after starting antibiotics...

We have been to GP three times and Accident & Emergency twice (though it was neither an accident or emergency). Yesterday, we asked to see a more experienced different GP and he thinks it is an ear infections (Otitis Media) - so he started 'Amoxil'.

It started last Thursday . I took him to GP Friday afternoon - it was a new Dr to the practice.He said it was most likely a virus. He had a slightly runny nose and mild cough.

Ok . S wasn't too sick but just 'needy' over weekend with a few temperatures up to 39. I took him back Monday afternoon to see a GP again - we saw same Dr.I wasn't happy with that visit .

That night I took him to casualty - I wanted to get a blood test as he seemed quite unwell by 8.30pm .I also wanted to get his urine checked. They were going to admit him but wouldn't do blood tests and I didn't want him in hospital for nothing. By the time we got seen S had picked up again and his temp was down.We left with urine & stool forms.

Tuesday, he was unwell and very whingey. We went back to hospital Tuesday night after we finally caught clean catch urine (only took 4 hrs nappy free) and stool (in the nappy thankfully).He wasn't eating much though still BF heaps (I was so glad of him BF still).

His temp was 40 this time - they did bloods but white cells were apparently in normal range Though his c-reactive protein (should be 0-5) was 26 .I Googled it and it means presence of infection or inflammation. Still we went home .They were happy for me to follow up with GP.

As I'd worked as a registered nurse in Children's ward for 12 yrs I knew what to do and besides we live 5 mins from the hospital if we needed to come back.

Wednesday, more high temps so went to see the senior GP who diagnosed 'Otitis media' both ears ??? who knows - but since he started the Amoxil the temps have finally come down.I have been so worried always thinking the worse. I felt at the end of my rope some days between him being sick and so clingy. Sleep has been little and disturbed too.

Monday, we also found out S needed glasses . The vision in his left eye is quite bad (from specialists perspective it would be very blurry - S can't tell them this though) .

It is related to myelin sheath around the optic nerve growing down obscuring/distorting the optic disc (remember the white eye reflection) .The other lens will have plain glass and we will need to patch it 2hrs a day (starting once he gets used to having glasses in 2 months time approx).He will need patching till 7-8 years old.

The Specialist said otherwise the brain will switch off and he will lose vision in the that eye - he might still not have much anyway but hopefully patching will make the eye focus and brain use the available vision. It is rare what he has.

Today we got his new glasses . We only had the choice of one style and purple or blue . So far, though he doesn't like them, he has kept them on. He is a little champ.

I still feel very sad ... it is my fault . He is still at risk of experiencing other problems -Optic Glioma in either eye - his right (good eye) or Left eye (hard to monitor this as well because they can't see the disc) .It is related to a genetic disease he has (and I have).My cousin (now 23 lost all the vision in one of her eye at age 2 from this). Worry 101.

Also, he is anaemic because he is the child who never ate baby food ...even rice cereal .Everything was refused and gagged on . He still pretty much eats NOTHING but rice, crackers sometimes custard, yoghurt and chocolate ! plus a few sour lollies.
(this is my mum feeding him at about 7 months- my hands are not that old LOL)
(It was puree pear)

Current foods he sometimes eats: the food mentioned above, cheerios, fries, chips/crisps, pretzels, some cookies , small amount of pasta with mince bolognaise sauce, alphagettio's and very recently small pieces of bacon, grapes and apple. Sometimes he will at a little bread.

Current foods rejected: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, cheese, eggs ... Not one vegetable unless it is mixed in with bolognaise sauce and so fine he can't see it ...everything else healthy , do I really need to go on?

This week he ate barely nothing. I know he has lost weight. We started him on liquid iron to hopefully stimulate his appetite too. If I don't 'nurse' him during the day he still refuses to eat when well... he just grazes on what he wants .The rest he 'pegs' it across the table or onto the floor. New foods - well he just shakes his head and pushes it away too.

Any suggestions on how to get him to eat ?
J eats very well ... no worries on his appetite.

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