Sunday, 9 March 2008

Why breastfeed toddlers ?

As many of my regular readers know I continue to breastfeed my twin sons @ 20 months old. I plan to continue as long as mutually desirable.

I know my brother disapproves . Even last night my MIL said to me she did 'I' think 'S ' would start to eat more if I stopped breastfeeding. This is what my brother says too LOL. The stock market 'guru' whose infant nutrition degree fell out of the Kellogg's box.

Given that J my other twin eats mostly everything and always has a great appetite -but still breastfeeds - why would it make any difference ?

I wouldn't exactly call myself a Lactivist - (see this sweatshirt for the definition- click the image to check out Attached at the Hips full range) but I believe breastfeeding was the right choice for me and for my children. They have benefited from being breastfeed. At the same time I know most children thrive on formula and do just as well. I also know some mothers who wanted to nurse their baby(ies) have not been successful for a multitude of reasons.

I accept that breastfeeding twins is a challenge the upside is it gives me a great excuse to sit down for hours every day blogging and finding the time to get everything done is hard.I have been fortunate to have my husband and older son to support me.

Most importantly ... the amazing Paula @ Olive juice with her gorgeous Grant surprised me with some astonishing facts this morning - in WHY BREASTFEED A TODDLER ? It is well worth reading.
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