Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Phone Etiquette and fools

Heads - Fool , Foolish, Foolhardy~ 1st April ~ or 'whatever'
I hate it when my teen says that to me

The other day I was blog hopping by clicking on links and came across this one on Phone Manners and the joys of telemarketers by Red Neck Mommy.

It reminded me of my own foolish misadventure...when I was sweet sixteen and butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

The Preface ...
We had a detached Granny flat ~where my Nana (Dad's mum) lived for 4 years . She was divorced but had remarried. My dad built it for her and she lived there for 5 yrs while nursing her 2nd husband through cancer -then after he passed away she met a new man and they got together. My parents then rented the little flat to various relatives and friends - my uncles, the neighbours' son's girlfriend, Mum's best friend and her sons. No strangers but known people.

I was home alone - well in my parents' house alone but in the backyard flat were three older boys ('keeping it clean' - though I definitely had vibes they had dirty things in their pants on their minds). They were all older about 17 -2o and their mother , B lived in the flat at the time.They stayed with her for days/weeks sometimes. 'B' was out too.

At some stage they were in the house and I was feeling a weird about their foolhardy behaviour and they were getting a little too touchy. I think I eventually asked them to go 'home'.I locked the back door behind them.I felt uneasy.I still remember it. Creepy. I wouldn't let them back in.They keep knocking and banging.

Then they started calling the house phone - they were on the other phone extension of same line . At the time you could call 1 9 9 (I think it was) and the extension or main phone would ring. They continued to bug me for a while. I confess to somewhat enjoying the game in the beginning.

After about a dozen times ... the fool in me didn't think to just leave the phone off the hook... I was getting pretty P*SSED off annoyed at them. It rang again ... I picked up the phone and screamed
said "p * s s off !"

Imagine my horror and the wet patch on the floor when my Dad's, church going, stepmother (so my step grandmother and remember poor Cinderella) said
"I beg your pardon"

What a fool I was to say it and to her of all people - I should have checked who was on the phone first.

I can't remember what happened next but there were a lot of tears ... I was so scared of her (she once rubbed soap on my teeth @ 5yrs because she thought I told a lie and my parents weren't there to stop her- I didn't lie - but that is another story).

I waited up till my parents got home and told them my foolish and sorry tale. They understood and were 'cool' about it. I really don't remember being punished -only having to apologise. They knew what the ass hats 'boys' were like.

I wished we had an answering machine !

Has this ever happened to you ?

I digress ... I hate talking to answering machines. I detest it. I sound like a gibbering fool. I even hated making the messages for our business phone too.

So being the fool that I am ... I thought this was so kewl ... a quote I nabbed from somewhere by River
I don’t have a machine, but if I did it might say,

“River’s answering machine is on holiday, this is the refrigerator speaking. If you speak slowly and clearly I will take you name and number and stick it to myself with a little magnet”.
I love it ...

Though I hate voice mail on my mobile phone too - please txt me so I don't have to pay to retrieve messages.

Your turn - what is the funniest answering machine message you have heard ?

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