Sunday, 6 January 2008

Weekly Winners

Dec 30th - January 5th
Our first Weekly Winners for the Great 2008. All you need to know about this fun and easy meme can be found at Sarcastic Mom.
Our hostess, Lotus has also been nominated for her photography in the blogging awards
so checkout her nomination.
Skinny dipping with Daddy in the S*A ... so there is never a p (pee or poop)

Can you see the teddy J ?
Ta da - the wishing well Teddy
Not so happy J
Hey ,I can do this Dad

Ps - I said I wouldn't breastfeed him in the boat ... so he cried and cried and tugged at my shirt. I caved in and he quite happily fed while cruising along with our skier at 30mile per hour.Lucky I have elastic n*pples and very numb ones.Sheesh this one going to be a mother to wean.

Seriously ...this jacket is cramping my style
Two up (D and his friend G)
behind G's Dad's boat on wake boards
bad timing on way back - so I just got the rope
Twin rocking horses (click to read their story)

Almost too good to share
Sleeping like a baby ... should
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