Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Year Intentions

I have been the procrastination Queen in regards to my New Year's resolutions. To be honest so many things need a changing or a doing I didn't know where to begin my list.

So therefore after reading a NY blog post I came upon the word intentions

I like the ring to it ... Great 08 intentions. That way when if I fail I am not laughed at so red faced.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions

hmm though I hope I am not going there ...

I know my husband intentions for me are in conflict with my current actions so I will start with some of his

  1. stay off the Internet when DH is home talk to him ...instead of spending all night on Internet pretending to work or nurse S & J... honest I really am till they go to sleep.
  2. fold the washing more ... so he doesn't get stuck doing it or it doesn't pile up
  3. quit cursing and swearing...especially when the big boy presses all my buttons ...take the batteries out or use word substitution (pinched this idea from Jen @ Amazing trips)
  4. learn to relax - without the computer
  5. give DH a weekly massage
  6. go to bed earlier than midnight

    a few of my own ones
  7. eat less chocolate (less than who ?)
  8. catch up with some old friends (sadly few are older than me)
  9. catch up with a backlog of thank yous my life (if any of you took the time to generously shop and give S and J gifts in 2006-7, chances are, you did not receive a thank you card.I could do great things if I wasn't so busy with these two small things. Please know we did appreciate it. J and S, are wearing it or wore it/playing with it or I am picking it up quite frequently. When they learn to scribble write, my intention , I will be asking them put pen to paper immediately).
  10. sort out all a few things I’ve ignored for so long regarding my health - (they are another post) ... really need a papsmear (remind me)
  11. take a bubble bath weekly (alone or with a hairy chested man not the babies who think I am their wet bar)
  12. get my hair trimmed to keep the frizzes under control
  13. get fit by walking three times a week
  14. ride my exercise bike three times a week
  15. read more books and my Bible
  16. start a daily devotion/prayer time
  17. go to bed earlier than 12 midnight
  18. finish my Cross stitch so I can teach the boys the alphabet

    For my Children
  19. to read 4 books a day to S & J
  20. spend time playing with them on the floor
  21. take more photos of all three
  22. scrapbook a few photos
  23. stay one step ahead of my teen ... and organise his homework
  24. respect him more and treat him as I would a friend
  25. Read Raising boys

    Household intentions
  26. eliminate as much debt as possible ... weekly track our spending, manage the budget.
  27. filing ... do it daily/weekly. It is just so much easier than continually trying to catch up.
  28. plan a weekly menu to eliminate food wastage and reduce takeaway - impulse buying
  29. make my bed at least 5 days a week
  30. spend 1hr is garden a week weeding/ trimming and smelling the roses
  31. learn to use the sewing machine (and dish washer)

  32. Fun intentions
  33. Go to a Drive in movie
  34. Bake some homemade cakes/cookies together
  35. start a herb / small vegie garden
  36. play, dance and run in the rain just for fun -got to get use out of the gumboots
  37. get a Kitten from the animal shelter (if Dh agrees)

    For my community
  38. Pay it forward where I can see a need
  39. use reusable enviro bags - generate less waste
  40. Be active in my pregnancy loss support group,Teddy love club and Multiple birth club
  41. re new my First aid certificate
  42. donate blood
  43. Dance as though no-one is watching (give everyone someone to laugh at), sing as though no one can hear (laugh harder because I am out of tune) and Live as though heaven is on earth - life is for living so Just do it.

    I chose 42 so I have a lot of choices and for each of my NY's.Ps there is no mention of dusting /cleaning... the dust can wait and dirt is good for you.
photos to follow ...already 1.24am it has taken me 2hrs
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