Monday, 7 January 2008

Staying one step ahead of a teenager

or how to get even

okay ... so I might be the meanest mum but hey I laughed so much it was worth it.

One of my intentions in 08 is to stay one step a head of my teen. I know, I said my intention was to show him more respect but it cuts both ways.

We had the usual today I am not doing xxxxx.

Why is everyone else having fun ?.... blah blah blah and worse curse curse curse a mouthful of hateful words and foul garbage spewing out of his once every so sweet mouth. (Mummy am I your little darling ?)

So when he was outside I changed a few settings on the computer ... oh the password to log on , his name & hotmail display picture (to the duck) and his tag line (Snow White rocks). Then I waited for him to come back inside sulking and smart mouthed yet again.

I had already slipped Windows Family Safety on to his computer - we only just yesterday connected it to the Internet (right near mine so I can see what he gets up too) . Before he used mine and we had so many arguments about whose turn it was. Mine always...

He was 'mad' to say the least - especially when a few of his friends knew about Snow White ... he was begging me to change it back ... especially the duck - oh for goodness sake !

I let him eventually and the threat of deleting his hotmail or blocking his contacts ... had him scared (and in tears) but still angry at the injustice. Me, I don't care. He needs to learn a little respect.

Yesterday, his father left him at the boat ramp ( 6 mins drive from home but probably a good 1.5 hr walk) because of his cheek and carry on. I am usually the mean mum .I was the hero when I went to get him after 15 mins. I was already on my way home when DH left him behind. D had actually got out of the car, refused to get back in and said I am walking home - so DH let him and drove off.

Dh was mad and it takes a lot to get him mad. He is the most patient man on earth (he has had a lot of practice with me ). Dear Son's friends were here to see him slink in embarrassed but still grinning like he had won. The cheeky brat wanted me to pull over so he could walk in and pretend he had walked

D isn't a bad kid but just going through a rebellious phase and sadly his friends have too much freedom, money and electronic gadgets that he craves . He sees injustice that he doesn't have it all too. I know he tries hard sometimes to be good but he does a lot of uncool stuff.

I remember this brilliant piece Don't mess with Mom.

Anyway - there are still 3 weeks till he goes back to school ... give me strength. Tomorrow, he is going to work with his Father (for $$) ... peace will reign.
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