Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Get older and wiser

Today is my little brother's 39th birthday ... OMG now I feel hagged old.


Though I am happy to be older and wider wiser ... some days I wish I could have my youth back and my youthful body.

Today, I am feeling a little stiff and sore. Sunday, I water skied for the first time in about 3- 4 years (ski seasons). I can't remember if it is 3 or 4 - sad but true.

I did well and got up on my first try-a deep water start- on one ski.I even fitted easily into my DH's spare wetsuit (no pictures sorry). I got up and it was in part due to my husband's skillful driving. Had my bother brother been driving it would have been perhaps different because he is still the expert on everything ... including how long I should breastfeed (don't ask I should have weaned them).He was still giving me instructions ...as the boat was picking up speed and I was bobbing in the water.

I will never master a beach start like my DH. I have only seen him miss a start about four times ... twice in 5 mins over Christmas 2007 because his Father was driving and had no idea how fast to go anymore -so DH aborted his attempt x 2.DH has been skiing since he was little.

His father is 80.5yrs and over Christmas he even skied on his round plywood disc about metre or so wide (no photos) but he knelt up and was towed behind the boat. His trick used to be to stand on top of an ordinary chair upon the disc and 'ski'.

I digress ... as I skied I could see a rainbow at my feet the spray of the water being hit by the rays of sunshine.It was a good feeling.

That morning I had no intention of trying but once there I decided to give a try. I visualised what I wanted to do ...not make a fool of myself so that everyone would laugh and my brother tell me what I did wrong HOLD ON TIGHT ! and get up with least embarrassment and I did it. I am sure it was positive thinking too. I know it.

I admit I did 'stack' gloriously ... I hit the water bluntly, tumbled and somersaulted my ski landed at least 3-4 metres away.I retrieved it.The boat came past so I could grab the ropes,then I got my instructions from the 'expert'- my brother !

I got up again first go. It was exhilarating but also hard work ... my muscles didn't know what assaulted them till the next day.

My SIL tonight (after we shared birthday pizza dinner with my brother's and his family) said she is very, very sore ... and she is 5 yrs younger than me whoot !She only had one ski too - though her first for the season.I can feel muscles I had forgotten about but it isn't too bad . I have felt worse in previous years.

My brother even coerced got my Mum to have ago on the ski tube with the grand kids ... she loved it ! maybe !

J already tried the kiddos skis on for size and he loves playing with rope and feeding it through his hands. He is a natural for sure. S loves the driver's seat.

My sister and SIL took photos but they have not sent them to me ...
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