Monday, 14 January 2008

Little Losers ... not so funny

Megan @ Imaginif wrote this post about a line of t-shirts being sold in Jay Jays trading on the back of the Little Miss and Mr Men characters, popular children’s books, by Roger Hargreaves.

Except these t-shirts have the names Miss Wasted, Mr Drunk, Mr Well Hung and more. Even the original MR men have been changed now to be more PC.

I know some teens would see these as harmless and funny, as would some adults, but seriously are these labels and behaviours what we want to encourage of our youth. I know there are much bigger issues out there in child protection and safety. It all has to start some where. Who wants their son to be known as Mr P.imp or Ass.hole?

It is lowering the bar even more in terms of acceptable behaviour and clothing. I still hate my teen wearing his pants half way down and boxers showing out the top.

I shudder when I see young tweens in adult and provocative clothing. I remember as a teen being harassed about my budding breasts through my t-shirts by joking adults (actually friends of relatives) - I had nothing to put even in a training bra and I was made to feel dirty by their comments (on several occasions) . I made sure I covered up always in a jacket, even in summer, for a while outside of home.

Yes, some might say it is our freedom to dress as we please and the social 'morality' police have no right to comment but it all comes back to a community responsibility to guide our teens in the right direction. These shirts no do nothing except send the wrong message
that dumb our kids down and encourage illegal and abusive behaviour!
I would be quite embarrassed actually for my son too - imagining what people might think of him.

Megan says if you heard someone saying such negative things to your child -you would be creating a furore.

In this country we can voice our opinion and I encourage those who find these t shirts offensive to send their complaint to Jay Jay's too. More details @ Imaginif.
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